Your Guide to Buying the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

People have been gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day for centuries. Buying flowers for your loved one isn’t as easy as you may think. With a wide variety of flowers available, you could wonder which ones are suitable for your loved one. Fortunately, this guide from an expert florist offering flower delivery in Bismarck will help make flower shopping easier for you. Here’s a list of the best Valentine’s Day flowers you could choose:


Roses are the go to choice for Valentine’s Day. However, a majority of people believe that red roses are the only flowers relevant for the occasion. Roses are available in an assortment of colors and varieties, from tiny to huge. If you know your beloved’s favorite, the choice is simple! If not, here are some ideas.

– Red Roses: Red roses symbolize beauty, romance, perfection, and of course, love. Presenting red roses is a way to say “I love you” to your special person.

– White Roses: People are under the impression that white roses are only ideal for wedding bouquets. However, they are perfect for Valentine’s Day too. White and cream roses are all about innocence, purity, and flawlessness. If you miss your loved one, sending white roses via flower delivery in Bismarck is the perfect way to make them feel special. So, for long distance relationships, white roses are the obvious choice.

– Pink Roses: Pink roses express gratitude, admiration, and grace. Since Valentine’s Day is also an occasion of celebrating non-romantic relationships, pink roses are great for gifting to your mother, grandmother, or your daughter.

– Yellow Roses: Yellow roses indicate pure friendship. Just like pink roses, this is a good gift for your friends, siblings and parents.


Carnations are available in a number of colors. They’re all about celebrating new love. So, if you are in a new relationship, a bouquet of carnations would be appropriate.


Irises convey hope and faith. Send beautiful irises to your special person to show your true love and appreciation.


Oriental Lilies exude class and style. They are available at floral shops in Bismarck ND in white and pink. Lilies symbolize beauty and elegance, and they feature a strong, sweet fragrance. Combining them with other flowers makes for a glamourous, romantic bouquet.


Orchids are yet another beautiful flower that lasts a little longer when taken care of. It is the ideal gift for a timeless romantic relationship. These gorgeous blooms are also meant to show that you truly appreciate the recipient for all their love and kindness.

Order your flowers from Bismarck florists early to make sure they are delivered right on time, and that the flowers won’t run out of stock. Complement your floral gift with a card or a box of chocolates. Should you need more assistance in choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day, talk to a professional florist today.

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