Workflow Of The On-Demand Practo Clone App

 Here’s how our Practo Clone App functions: 

1. Onboarding and Profile Creation

The user should first register to enter the app by providing basic information like email ID, phone number, or social media accounts. After the successful registration, the user should update their health-related information for the enhanced app experience.

2. Search for the Specialized Doctors 

The user searches for the specified doctors based on their health issues. A list of doctors will be displayed. Users can search for their specialized doctors on that list.

3. Schedule Appointment

After surfing through a list of doctors, users can book appointments with a doctor for their preference.

4. Receive the Service Scheduled

After the doctor accepts the appointment request, the patient can avail of the service by house calls or directly visiting the consultants at the hospital.

5. Process Payments

After getting the service, users can pay the doctors through any secure payment gateway integrated into the app.

6. Ratings & Reviews

After successfully completing the payment process, the users can provide feedback and ratings on the availed service. So that it will help the other people using the application for making appropriate decisions.


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