Workers Compensation – What is it & How to File a Claim

Have you got injured at your workplace? You probably might not know that as an employee of your company, you are entitled to getting workers compensation for sustaining injuries. However, certain businesses that are so concerned about profits might be a little too hesitant to dish out cash to their employees, which is when a personal injury lawyer in Perth can help. Here’s what you need to know:

Workers Compensation – What Is It?

Workers compensation simply refers to a compensation that is meant to protect the interests of the employees involved in an accident at work. With workers compensation, employees receive medical and financial assistance, the value of which usually varies from state to state. This can be a part of the contract made between the employer and the employee.

What Makes You Eligible for Workers Compensation?

According to the best personal injury lawyers in Perth, the eligibility criteria are as follows:

– Any injury or illness caused to you must be related to your work

– Workers compensation is applicable for workplace injuries or accidents, lost wages during treatment/recovery, treatment costs for curing injuries, and illnesses caused from the exposure of toxic substances in the workplace.

What is not Applicable for Workers Compensation?

– Certain forms of workplace injuries will not be covered by the workers compensation policy. However, you might be eligible to receive a minimal compensation for specific cases per your company policy.

– If the injury was self-inflicted or caused while committing a crime, you won’t be eligible for a compensation.

– If you were injured when violating company policies, it’s likely that you won’t be compensated.

How to File a Workers Compensation Claim?

If you are certain that you are eligible for a workers compensation, you can file a claim with the help of the personal injury lawyer.

– What you need to do first is to get medical assistance from a qualified health care professional as soon as possible. Medical reports and treatment details that you obtain from your doctor will help your case.

– Book a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Perth to discuss about your case.

– Personal injury lawyers will get into negotiations with the insurance company and make sure that a fair compensation offer is made for you.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury or work injury cases are quite complicated. Criminal injury lawyers in Perth have a solid knowledge about the law, and a rich experience in negotiating for favourable settlements for various clients in the past. If you are settling the case yourself, your employer or the insurance company might offer you a claim that’s much less than what you deserve.

If you have been injured on the job due to the negligence of another, talk to a personal injury law firm at the earliest. Book a free initial consultation with the experts soon.

The author is a qualified personal injury lawyer with over 4 years experience in settling workers compensation claims. This article gives an insight on workers compensation and how to file a claim. Visit for more information.

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