Wisdom Teeth – To remove or not to


For years wisdom teeth removal of young adults and teenagers were considered as a routine part of transitioning into childhood. Most people find themselves separating from their pearly whites even before they get the opportunity to emerge. However, nowadays, a lot of questions arise on whether to pull out those teeth or retain them if they don’t impose any problems. Either way, you should make a decision or simply stick to what your dentist suggests. Here is some information to help you understand the choices and why removing those teeth might be the right choice.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Between 17 and 25 years of age, the wisdom teeth erupt in the back of the mouth. These are nothing but the third molars lacking sufficient space to erupt. Hence these teeth start to push through the gums, or they will grow at different angles or partially emerge. In such a case, you should undergo wisdom teeth removal to avoid further infections. However, this is not how it is in every situation. In rare cases, these teeth grow correctly, and surrounding gum tissues remain normal. This is very rare.

The pros of wisdom teeth removal Sydney:

Wisdom teeth have a reputation for behaving unpredictably. As time passes by, these teeth can change its position leading to further complications. The third molars, in some cases, crowd the surrounding teeth by putting pressure on them.

When this occurs, there are risks that an individual will have to face.

– His adjacent second molars may get damaged

– Develop gum disease

– Develop cyst

In some cases, when these teeth are retained, some individuals need to have emergency removal to relieve intense pain. Ultimately, having wisdom teeth removal Sydney can prevent serious oral health complications down the road.

To pull or not to pull:

At the end of the day, it is a simple decision to make whether or not to remove the wisdom teeth. If the teeth are troublesome, you should get rid of them, and if they are not, you can have them. However, a skilled dentist can give you an accurate scope of your oral health. He might take X-rays and find if the teeth will cause problems in the future. He might also suggest cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney as a preventive measure.

Key points to Remember!

– Have a dental check-up on your wisdom teeth if you are between 17 to 25 years old.

– You should get wisdom teeth removal if it causes infection, pain, get impacted, or crowd other teeth.

– If your dentist finds the teeth might cause a problem in the future, he might recommend wisdom teeth removal.

– It is a wise decision to undergo wisdom teeth removal before you are 20 years old. The younger you are, the faster you heal

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