Wisdom Teeth Removal – How is it performed

Most of us will undergo wisdom teeth removal at some point in life. As wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical procedure, it is understandable to be nervous about it, especially when you require sedation. But knowing exactly what will happen during the extraction may help you relax.

Before the procedure:

Your dentist will give certain instructions to follow before the surgery. These instructions should be followed strictly. Also, inform your dentist about the supplements and medications you are currently taking.

How to prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne?

Wisdom teeth removal is performed in the dentist’s office. Here are the steps that will be followed during the procedure.

Selection and administration of sedation:

Your dentist will suggest one or more sedation options if the extraction requires. This may include general or local anaesthesia. Usually, local anaesthesia will be recommended, but if you are nervous about the procedure, you can get general anaesthesia so that you will sleep during the procedure.

Tissue removal:

The dentist will start the surgical procedure by making a slit in your Gum and removing any tissue covering the area where the tooth is located. If the tooth is impacted, he will make an incision so that he can access the tooth. The gum tissues will then be pushed out of the way using a surgical tool until the tooth is visible.

Bone removal:

Chances are that an impacted wisdom tooth could be covered by the bone either partially or fully. In such cases, the dentist will drill through and remove the bone that covers the tooth to gain access to the tooth.

Loosening and sectioning of the Wisdom Tooth:

When the wisdom tooth is visible, he will gently loosen the tooth from the connective tissues in the socket using surgical instruments. The procedure applies for wisdom teeth that have already erupted entirely through the gums. In case of impacted wisdom tooth, the dentist will cut the tooth into smaller sections to prevent the breaking of the tooth before it is removed from the socket.

Wisdom tooth removal:

Once the wisdom teeth are sectioned or loosen, it is ready to be removed. The dentist will use surgical tools designed especially to remove the tooth and suture the site.


When wisdom teeth removal Melbourne is completed, you will be brought out of sedation slowly. The dentist will place gauze on the surgical site for you to bite down to help blood clot in the area.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Removal of wisdom teeth Melbourne is a very common procedure, and the complications are rare. But for a successful recovery, you should carefully follow the aftercare instructions the dentist provides.

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