Windscreen Repair or Replacement – Which Is Better

A windscreen provides up to 40% of your car’s structural integrity. It goes without saying how important it is to maintain your windscreen in good shape. A well-maintained windscreen can keep you safe during a collision and avoid individuals from being thrown out during a wreck or rollover event. That said, accidents do happen and are inevitable no matter how careful you are. This is why you should not avoid any cracks or chips in your car windscreen, even if you think it is tiny and insignificant.

Whether your windscreen is cracked or chipped, it is essential to address your damaged windscreen as early as possible.

When to repair or replace?

Whether or not to go for windscreens replacement Sydney depends on several factors, including the depth, size, and location of the crack or chip. While a larger, deeper crack in the glass that extends to the edge of the windshield often needs replacement, small cracks that are away from the edge requires a simple car glass repair Sydney. An auto glass repair technician is the right person to determine whether the windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced.


The auto repair industry has come a long way and it is advancing rapidly. Usually, chips that are smaller than a quarter and cracks up to three inches can be easily fixed now which was not possible earlier. However, these sizes may vary depending on the depth and location of the chip or crack.


It is essential to consider the depth of the damage. How far is it penetrated into the windscreen? Of course, it is related to the size of the chip and crack. But, the depth of damage is what determines whether you’ll need repair or replacement. If the damages are found in the outer and inner layer of glass, it can be difficult to repair.


Location greatly impacts the ability to perform a windshield repair. If the cracks are big and extended to the edge of the glass, the structural integrity of the car might be compromised and you’ll need windshield replacement Sydney. It is because of the fact that windscreen is responsible for safety in the event of collision and vehicle rollover. So, it is imperative to replace the windscreen with a new one as early as possible.

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