Why your parking lot needs Security Guards?

When it comes to the security of commercial buildings, if there is one area that you probably haven’t given much thought, it would most likely be the parking lot. You are not alone, most businesses don’t think much about parking lot security; however, it is actually the most likely place for crimes to take place. Most car parks are deserted and dark, with little to no surveillance. Not just that, but most cars parked unattended likely have some valuables inside, and the vehicle itself is at the risk of being stolen.

If you still think that parking lot security is not a big deal, as you have installed surveillance cameras, statistics show that more than 1 in 10 property crimes take place in parking lots. That is a pretty staggering number! Talking about cameras, they are beneficial but are limited in that they serve to help you see what is happening there, but you want somebody to act immediately when a crime takes place. This is where working with security companies in Sydney helps!

There are so many benefits to having uniformed security guards patrolling your parking space if you hope to implement good parking lot management.

Helps employees and clients feel safe!

The presence of trained security guards in the parking space can give you, your employees, and clients’ peace of mind and a sense of security. Your staff will work more comfortably when they know someone is taking care of their vehicles and other valuable items therein. Moreover, your clients will feel that you care for them, and are taking steps to ensure their safety.

Deter theft and vandalism:

Having one or more trained security guards Sydney in your parking lot is an effective way to prevent theft and vandalism. Hiring security personnel shows that you are serious about protecting your property, which can prevent thieves from targeting your parking lot. In addition, security guards are professionally trained to notice suspicious activities and react accordingly.

Ensure that parking lot rules are followed:

Security services Sydney can help ensure that the rules set for your parking lot are strictly followed. For instance, they will make sure that nobody except handicapped person parks in a handicap parking area. They will also help ensure that no one parks on the fire lane.

Help in monitoring:

Apart from active patrolling, security personals can also do other functions such as restricting access to certain areas, checking driver credentials and monitoring video surveillance. When these responsibilities are taken off your shoulders, you will be able to focus on your core functions.

Now that you know you want someone to patrol your parking area find the best reliable security services in Sydney and ensure the safety of your parking lot.

The author is a blogger who owns a security service company. With a team of trained and experienced security guards, he helps his customers in handling any security crisis. If you are looking for security companies Sydney, visit http://www.sentinelsecuritygroup.com.au/ for details.

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