Why Your Business Needs 1300 Business Number?

1300 numbers are very popular among large and small businesses in Australia. In fact a, 1300 business number account for over half of auctioned numbers in Australia. These numbers are essential for your marketing strategy and business branding. The 1300 numbers give the businesses exclusive rights to the number that is already aimed at a target audience.

Here are a few reasons why you need to buy 1300 number:-

Increase sales

If you are a start-up, then managing all your business activity alone can be overwhelming and stressful. When you are in a meeting or business call, chances are likely you’ll be missing calls and sending customers to the voice mail. About 75% callers will hang up if it is not responded from the other end by the concerned person. This is when the 1300 number providers come into play. Yes, one of the best things of having 1300 number is that you can configure it to suit your business needs. You can have them direct to a second number or live answering services so that you wouldn’t miss a lead again. You’ll be able to attend more calls and impress your potential clients and customers. Besides, 1300 numbers automatically convey the message to the customer.

One-stop solution

Just imagine how easy it could be to have a single number for the rest of your business life? Y. Your customers don’t have to search the yellow pages or the web for your phone number. You could stay connected with your customers after a move by changing the answer point for your 1300 number. You never have to worry about losing your existing customers and starting from scratch.

Build your image

You only have a few seconds to make a positive impression on your investors, clients, and customers. This makes having 1300 numbers a great opportunity to build your brand in a positive way. These numbers are not only easier to recall but also reassures customers that you’ll provide fast and quality services to them. In fact, studies show that 1300 numbers followed by a name or numerical patterns significantly increases response rates to advertisements.

If you run your business from your home’s phone or mobile, you could set the incoming calls to display a number on your device so that you can know whether the call is related to business or not. You’ll know when to answer with your professional greetings.

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