Why You Should Use A Cloud-Based Communication System?

As enterprises migrate their phone system to the cloud, the most likely question on your mind as a business owner or IT manager is, whether cloud Hosted PBX (or also called PABX: “A” stand for “Automated” in Private Branch eXchange) is for you or is it just a buzzword that would likely be replaced by the next innovation. You probably already have an existing phone system that is currently meeting your business needs, and you are wondering whether any incentives are disrupting your current system for a new one. The good news about cloud Hosted PBX is that it offers a plethora of advantages that will make that decision easy for you. Did you know The Cloud PBX Market is expected to grow to $20.83 Billion by 2023? Changing your entire communications platform with cloud based telephone system may seem daunting at first, but it’s important to realize, the amazing upside should negate any concerns.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

Cost Savings

Moving telecommunications off of PBX platforms and the cloud can be less expensive relative to monthly service rates than a traditional system, helping to reduce costs and, ultimately, increase profitability.

New Service Features Added Easily

During busy seasons, some businesses will add premium calling features to increase call-taking efficiency, maximize staffing, add temporary staff from any location or use systems that automatically scale up and down with their needs.

Improved Customer Service

With the Virtual Receptionist (VR) or Auto Attendant feature, businesses can easily direct calls to various departments and even create greetings unique to a given department. Departments can be instantly added, for instance when they’re seasonal such as tax-time for a tax agent, and afterwards taken out of the menu.

Business Continuity

With a cloud based phone service, businesses can maintain a consistent presence, and access the tools needed, to keep things running smoothly.

Flexibility to Scale Up

With a cloud-based phone system, businesses can add as many extensions as they need to accommodate heightened call volume or, if necessary, simply deactivate these extra extensions online. A modern cloud-based system also automatically adds lines when they are needed, just like cloud-computing gives you instant extra computer power (elasticity) when you need it.

Time Management and Efficiency

Cloud solutions can easily integrate with other cloud-based applications, providing mobile employees access to all the features and functionality they need to work just as efficiently as if they were in the office.

Also, Web-based customer portals enable IT staff to manage their system more efficiently.

Mobility and Ease of Use

With a cloud-based system, small business employees have access to features that allow them to log in from anywhere so that they can be reached while on the go, giving customer-facing and revenue-producing employees greater control over their productivity.

Final Words

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