Why you should pay attention to Tesla Charging Station Infrastructure

Along with Tesla’s multiplication strategy to advance into the market, the Tesla charging infrastructure is just as vital to Tesla’s success and its prominence in the market. Tesla Destination charging is used by various businesses to attract visitors and also creates a differentiation strategy over its competitors. These businesses include shopping centres, restaurants, hotels basically anywhere where customers might spend a couple of hours. In addition, it enables Tesla to create a wide range of charging station network to enable Tesla customers to drive across long distances without charge anxiety.

Tesla’s potent blend of performance and range is crucial for its success as it gets rid of any doubts that petrol-based critics had of electric cars. Tesla’s growing Supercharger network was another factor that further creates a clear distinction as it significantly increases the range allows drivers to get back on-road as quickly as possible.

Tesla supercharger provides a superior offering over the Tesla Destination strategy, it utilizes DC fast charging technology. DC superchargers enable drivers to charge their vehicles up to 80% of capacity in 40 minutes. As Tesla’s customer base grows, so does the demand for superchargers and Tesla is growing its infrastructure in a sustainable method. As the numbers continually change, there are currently 18 superchargers, not to mention the improved charging capabilities that increase every year

On the surface, a Tesla charger has a similar offerings to the traditional fuel stations. However, in reality electric chargers and fuel stations can be viewed as Uber and Taxi services. They both offer similar experiences however; one is perceived to superiors to another. As the electric charging infrastructure will increase in volume, the difference will only become that much clearer.

In addition, Tesla destination chargers and superchargers are easier to discover using the Tesla App and inbuilt display module. This creates a sense of comfort and reduces the range anxiety.

Tesla superchargers are installed strategically near malls, shopping centres to lower the perceived time of charging. Elon Musk has made this process even less dull, by watching Netflix or YouTube on the Tesla display screen.

To further add fuel to the fire and end the era of petrol-based cars, Tesla’s V3 supercharger is being installed in overseas countries with rates up to 250kW, making it possible to gain 120 km in 5 minutes. As the battery technology evolves at an exponential rate, the outcome of this could put end to the petrol-based cars in both economic and social factors.

As more electric vehicles become more economically beneficial than fuel-based, an ever-increasing pressure will be created on the charging infrastructure. Electric charging devices should complement electric vehicles providing a seamless transition towards a new automobile revolution.

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