Why would you need a Dental Implant?

Dental implants were invented back in 1952. Today these are considered as the standard for teeth replacement in dentistry. Dental implant replaces a tooth root as it is placed into the jawbone. In a few weeks or months, it will fuse with the jaw bone. The dental implant acts as the replacement root of a missing tooth. As dental implants are fused with the jawbone, it mimics a natural tooth as it stands on its own without affecting adjacent structures. Technology and science have progressed to improve the results of dental implants, and now the success rate of implants is close to 98%.

Why would you need to invest in dental implants cost?

Dental implants are now the most popular tooth replacement option. It can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth or even all the teeth. Teeth replacement dentistry majorly focuses on restoring both the function of natural teeth as well as aesthetics. When it comes to teeth replacement, generally you have three options:

– Dental bridge

– Removable dentures

– Dental implants

Although dentures and dental bridges serve the purpose of replacing teeth, there are so many disadvantages, including slipping of the appliance, dependency on adjacent existing teeth etc.

On the contrary, dental implants are supported by the jawbone and do not affect any natural teeth. Also, as implants are placed tightly into the jawbone, they don’t slip.

Deciding on which option to choose to regain your smile depends on many factors including:

– The health of the patient

– Patient preference

– Location of missing teeth

– Quantity of the jawbone

– Cost etc.

If you want to have a cheap dental implant, your dentist will examine the area to be considered for placing the implant and make a clinical assessment of whether you are the right candidate for the implant. There are many advantages to invest in dental implants over other teeth replacement options. However, to get dental implants, you should have healthy jaw bone. If not, you might require additional procedures like bone grafting before placing the implant.

What happens Before, During and After Implant Placement?

During the initial consultations and planning stages, the dentist will examine the site in the mouth where the implant is being considered. He might also look at dental imaging studies.

During the surgical procedure appointment, the patient will be given anaesthesia so that he or she gets the necessary comfort. Once the site is numb, the implant root will be placed surgically into the jawbone. This site should be allowed to heal for a few months. Later, when the implant bonds to your jawbone, the dentist will place the custom-designed crown on top of the implant root.

The healing time depends on the quality of the jawbone present. Besides, it is essential to follow the aftercare instructions carefully to avoid infection and promote healing.

The author is a dentist. He aims to provide all the latest information on dental procedures and other dental information like recovery tips, cost to help patients avoid the high dental cost in Australia. If you are looking for details on dental implants cost, visit http://dentistscost.com.au/.

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