Why Winter Is the Right Time for Microplasma RF Skin Resurfacing?

Your skin is your body’s largest and most visible organ, and a reflection of your well-being. With exposure to harsh sunlight and other elements, it’s prone to developing surface irregularities that leave you look and feel older than you are. Today, the leading medical spa in Vancouver is offering Microplasma RF skin rejuvenation, an effective procedure for a wide range of common skin imperfections. From erasing fine lines to reversing the long-standing effects of sun damage, skin resurfacing in Vancouver makes it easier to repair and revitalize your skin from inside.

You can get skin resurfacing in Vancouver at any time of the year, but winter is considered to be the best time to go through the process. Here we’ve listed the reasons why winter is the perfect time for skin resurfacing.

Limited Exposure to Sun

You are less likely to spend too much time in the sun during the wintertime. This is important because skin resurfacing cannot be performed on skin that’s tanned or darker than normal. When skin resurfacing is performed on skin that’s darker than normal, it maximizes the risk of hyperpigmentation and can damage your skin.

Stay Home and Relax

For people undergoing skin resurfacing may need some downtime right after the treatment, and this time varies depending on the size of your treatment area. Winter is the perfect time to stay home and rest for a couple of days or so to help minimize any discomfort.

Get Ready for Summer

When you get skin resurfacing in winter, you can look the best during summer months. Whether you have a wedding or planning a trip in summer, your skin is already looking fantastic. Your skin appears smooth and shiny throughout the summer, and there will be no skin flaw or imperfections.

Better Skin Protection

Skin resurfacing can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and undergoing the treatment process during the winter provides better protection, as you tend to cover up and stay indoors.

Renew Your Skin from the Inside Out

Skin surfacing reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks on your skin. It’s an effective way to have younger and fresh-looking skin. It’s an effective needle-free method that rejuvenates and renew your skin from the inside out. The healing process of the surrounding healthy skin activates for a faster than normal recovery.

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