Why Wedding Flowers Seem Expensive


Several factors affect the cost of wedding flowers. While everything associated with a wedding comes with a price tag, couples can be shocked over the cost of floral décor. It might seem like a hefty price for wedding bouquets and centerpieces. But there are several reasons why they are so pricey and here they are:-

The type of flower

While some blooms can cost less, others (high-end blooms) can be expensive. You need to consider the fact that flowers may need to be shipped from different parts of the world. Even if some of the blooms are in season, others may need to be imported from Holland or elsewhere. However, you can definitely find something beautiful in the flower shops in Lafayette CO that suits your budget.

Design matters

Arranging wedding flowers takes an extensive amount of time and effort. A professional floral designer selects one out of every two or three blooms, carefully choosing exactly the right size, shape and colour. The bouquet is assembled, then the stems are wrapped and pinned, and the packaging is completed. It usually takes about an hour to design and perfect each bridal bouquet. But it is not always labor. If you choose exclusive high-end blooms to make a statement and differentiate your bouquet from the rest of the bridal party, then the cost will be higher.

The most popular statement-making flowers are peonies, orchids, garden roses, and calla lilies. These blooms are super expensive. Besides, more flowers should be ordered than will be needed in the final arrangement. This allows the florist to select the stems that are in good condition and to have leftovers for last-minute changes or to replace a wilted bloom.

Transportation & Decoration

Another significant factor that affects the cost of wedding blooms is your florists’ overhead. You need to consider the expenses of storage, labor, decoration, and flower delivery Lafayette CO. You can arrange the flowers yourself, but it is a tedious job. If you have never arranged flowers, then your wedding is not the time to start. You have to consider the price of the same day flower delivery Lafayette CO as well.

Size of the bloom

While large bridal bouquets seem to be expensive, smaller arrangements can be costlier because of the type of flower used. There is a common misconception that floral arrangements using foliage are inexpensive. But, high quality and attractive greenery is indeed costly and can drive the price up.

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