Why Using a Fire Suppression System in Data Centres is Crucial?

A sophisticated data centre that has numerous servers store highly sensitive information such as bank information, photos, videos etc. This is why they need to be protected at all costs. A small spark of fire is sufficient to wreak havoc and possibly lose our precious data – either partially or fully – in a split second. The previous generation water sprinkler systems won’t cut it. This is when installing a fixed fire protection system makes more sense. Keep reading to know what fire suppression systems are, and how they are a great addition to data centres:

What is a Fire Suppression System?

A fire suppression system is simply a unit that is meant to quickly extinguish fires. By looking at the warning signs such as smoke and heat, the system can easily detect fires right off the bat. Not only will it take actions to suppress the fire, but it also alerts people inside the facility by triggering the alarm.

Water mist fire suppression system is one of the most sought-after security measures by businesses. The system discharges very fine water sprays that can help control the flame and gases effectively.

Reasons Why a Fire Suppression System is a Necessity?

– Instant Protection:

Imagine what would happen to a storage device when there is a fire outbreak? Even when the servers are simply exposed to heat and smoke, it can possibly damage the equipment.

The goodness of a fixed fire protection system lies in its ability to detect a rise in temperature or the presence of smoke, and activate itself instantly. This way, the situation can be controlled before it goes out of hand, thereby preventing extensive damage to your network and hardware systems.

– Safe to Use:

Since a water mist fire suppression system does not release toxic fumes to control a fire outbreak, it is absolutely safe to use them. To put it simply, a good flame detection system ensures great level of safety, without putting your health in jeopardy.

– Fast and Easy Clean-up:

This is another great advantage worth mentioning. Conventional fire sprinkler systems can cause quite a mess. It leaves behind soggy carpets and damaged electronics for you to deal with.

On the bright side, fire suppression systems act right away and extinguish the fire before it spreads, so the entire facility will remain secure. If at all a clean-up is required, it takes very less time & effort for you to do so and restore things to normal soon.

These are some of the obvious reasons why a flame sensor is highly recommended for a business facility. Even though water sprinkler systems are effective, the efficiency of a suppression system to respond fast to threats and eliminate disaster makes it totally worth the upgrade. Talk to a reliable supplier of fire detection systems today and install them soon for total data security.

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