Why Should You Prime Before Painting

While a fresh coat of paint can transform the look of your property and enhance curb appeal, ignoring the basics could ruin the paint job. Painting is a process, and priming is one of the crucial steps. It may seem to be unnecessary to apply a coat of paint that has no visible purpose. But, the benefit of this crucial step shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are planning to paint your office, it is essential to prime the walls before painting.

What is a primer and what does it do?

A primer is defined as a preparatory coating that should be applied on the paint surface before painting. A coat of primer is recommended for all types of painting projects, whether it is a new or old wall, bare metal, wood, previously painted brick or any other surface. It is sticky, flat paint designed to adhere well on the walls and to provide a consistent base for the fresh coat of paint.

If a wall is painted without priming, you’ll require more coats for adequate coverage and a perfect finish. Besides, the paint might not stick well to the original surface as it would to the primer. Primer comes in different formulations for different surfaces. It is essential to choose the right primer based on the surface. This is one of the reasons why you need to have your office walls painted professionally by the commercial painters Sydney.

Here’s why you need to use primer:-

Better Adhesion

Different surfaces impacts on how well the paint sticks, dries, and survives for years without cracking and peeling. When a primer is used before painting, it gives better adhesion and avoids having to paint the walls frequently. This means the paint is less likely to peel over time. Priming the walls is particularly important when painting the surfaces that don’t stick well with the average house paint. As there are different types of primer available in the market, consult with your commercial painting contractors before choosing one. Don’t hesitate to do research before investing in the primers.


Due to its adhesion properties, primers will ensure that the paint job lasts for a long period. Also, primers help seal the vulnerable surfaces and prevent moisture from causing damages to the paint. This, in turn, adds life to the paint. For larger projects like strata painting Sydney, we recommend you to use a primer to assure long-lasting paint.

Better Appearance

Primer can hide certain flaws on your walls or ceilings, including seams, joints, seams, and natural blemishes that can show through, especially when using lighter paint colours.

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