Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Bicycle Accident?

Were you involved in a bicycle accident? It’s imperative to hire Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers if you are injured while riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian. Here are some reasons why one must act quickly to hire a personal injury lawyer in these cases.


If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you are totally exposed to the vehicle that hit you as well as to the ground, road surface, or sidewalk as a cyclist. This can potentially cause great trauma and severe injuries. This can affect your quality of life in the long term, and you may be eligible to get compensation for these injuries. At first, you may not even be aware of how badly you are hurt. Experienced accident lawyers in Delaware County PA can guide you on the long-term ramifications of these injuries that you may not be thinking of at the moment.

You May Not Think Clearly

Due to the trauma of the unexpected impact, you may be traumatized and may not be able to recall or process the incident. Whether your injuries are minor or severe, the trauma can prevent you from thinking clearly or acting in self-interest. When you get help from personal injury lawyers, they will provide support in a clear-headed and experienced manner and help you file a claim.

Rescue You from Insurance Companies

Just as in case of a motor vehicle or a car accident, you must not have a conversation with insurance company representatives or any other agents before speaking with your attorney. The representatives from the insurance companies always look for ways to reduce the amount of compensation payable. So, do not share anything related to your injuries, how you feel, and any other information with them without consulting your attorneys.

Medical Help

Getting a thorough medical check-up done by a certified medical professional is the only way to check the extent of your injuries. It includes medical testing that determines the internal injuries or hidden issues that may affect your well-being in the future. Your personal injury or medical malpractice lawyers in Chester County PA will be able to guide you towards adequate medical support.

Recovering Losses

When involved in an accident, it’s challenging to calculate fair compensation for injuries suffered. An experienced personal injury lawyer will protect your interests by professionally valuing your claim and by seeking fair compensation.

The author of this article is one of the leading accident lawyers and has over a decade of experience in practicing law. In this article, he lists the reasons to hire personal injury lawyers for a bicycle accident.

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