Why should you buy your own Renault electric car this year?

Electric vehicles are the only affordable and practical solution in existence today to our planets transport-related environmental challenges. Almost one electric vehicle in every four is sold in Australia now. Market leaders like the Groupe Renault have introduced all-electric cars on a massive scale. The group offers a wide range of EVs in the market with Renault Twizy and Kangoo, Z.E. To satisfy customer requirement Group Renault is increasing the range of its best selling electric cars like Zoe, and Kangoo Z.E. Group Renaults is at the forefront of electric mobility. The group is co-building innovative solutions through which power stored in the batteries of its EVs can be used as a part of a demand response system on smart grids. Continue reading to know why you should drive home your Renault EV home this year.

Zero pollution motoring:

Renault electric vehicles emit no exhaust pollutants like nitrogen oxides, or other particulates when driven. They have a key role to play in improving air quality, thus benefitting public health, especially in urban areas. According to studies, a proportion of 20% of electric vehicles in the city centre can reduce nitrogen dioxide concentration by 45% and particulate matter by 30%. These reductions are especially marked when meteorological conditions are unfavourable to the dispersion of pollutants when pollution peaks and in areas where cars and pedestrians meet.

Efficient countermeasure against climate change:

Electric power is the real big breakthrough solution for countering climate changes as EVs emit no carbon dioxide while driving down the road. As electric motors do not burn any fossil fuel, Renault is fully committed to electric vehicles as an innovative solution to meet environmental challenges these days. Even when we factor carbon dioxide emission produced by generating the electricity needs to charge the car, the carbon balance is much better than the equivalent models. The overall carbon footprint of electric vehicles varies from one country to another with the degree of carbon dependency on local power plants. By investing in electric vehicles and Renault charging stations, you can do something good for the environment and to yourself.

Energy transition:

EVs contribute to the energy transition in the automotive industry by minimising the use of fossil fuels for transport needs. According to a recent study, 7 million EVs are on the road around the world. EVs aim to reduce depletion of the planets natural resources. Investing in a Renault car charger is another excellent decision. These solutions primarily seek to utilise renewable energy sources like wind, solar extra. Now, this is the main start to the development of green electricity production today.

When buying a Renault electric car, you will get full advise on the main charging station for it. You can get your Renault electric car charger installed at the workplace or home.

The author is Australia’s leading Supplier and Installer of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, his equipment is recommended and approved by all major EV manufacturers. To know more about Renault charging stations, visit https://www.evse.com.au.

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