Why Should You Build A Two-Storey House?

Should I build a one-storey or two-storey house? Well, this is one of the common questions that people have in mind when planning to build a house. It really depends on your personal taste, budget, the local real estate market, and the location. That said the number of floors in a house affects not only the appearance but also how easy it is to maintain and navigate, how much you will be paying for heating and cooling costs, and much more.

While a one-storey building with several rooms could be a better option if you own a big land, two-storey house offers a plethora of benefits, especially if you have limited space. Let’s find out the reasons why you should build a two-storey house as shared by the home builders in Sydney.

Visual Appearance

Compared to one-storey buildings, two-storey houses have an impressive appearance which gives you better street appeal. When you are building a house, the look of the property from the road should be a key consideration.

Good Investment

If you are selling your house, you’ll get a good return on investment. Of course, we are not telling that you’ll be selling the house. But, we never know what the future holds for us. So, it’s good to consider it when building a house. Two storey houses are often a better investment because many like the idea of separate living areas, maybe it’s to divide kids and adults, and this favours two storey properties.

Separate Living Areas

With separate living rooms and two or more bedrooms, it’s easy to create distinct areas and separation between the zones. You could design a guest room, master bedroom and en-suite downstairs, and other bedrooms upstairs so that you both can have the privacy from the rest of the house. When you consult your house builders Sydney, you’ll get more ideas on how to make the most of your two-storey house.

Moreover, your kids can watch the TV in the lounge downstairs while you could work uninterrupted in the upstairs office, or even enjoy your ‘me’ or enjoy dinner with friends. If you have teenagers, it goes without saying how much privacy they need. A trending design option is having the living and master bedroom upstairs, with a ‘retreat’ for them downstairs for teenagers.

Splitting the house gives you lots of opportunities to create areas where you and your family members can relax or socialise.

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