Why Should You Build A Retractable Louvred Roof Pool Enclosure?

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the pool all day, regardless of the weather? Yes, that is why you need to install a retractable louvred roof over your swimming pool. By adding a roof, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor swimming pool structure.

Here are a few reasons why you need to install retractable louvred roof: –

Energy efficiency

Open Air Retractable Louvred Roof panels open and close at the touch of a button that allows in natural light and fresh air. This, in turn, helps to reduce the need for lighting during the day. When the roof is open, you could turn off the humidification systems that reduce energy use and price. Even if it is closed, the roof has solar heat gain. All these features help to reduce energy bills by 27% annually.


Once you open the roof, you will have an outdoor pool, and when closed, you can enjoy an indoor pool. You can even regulate the opening and have a roofed pool without walls during a rainy season with good temperature. So, the possibilities are endless when you combine several systems. By using the open roof, you can close the lid on your pool when the weather turns you off at the same time you will be able to appreciate the sun or stars when you would like to. You can escape from sunburn that something many people forget when enjoying their swimming pool.

Relax and enjoy

Since the roof allows you to use your pool in several ways, you can relax and enjoy the weekend. There is nothing as quite as listening to the sound of rain which is pattering on the roof while you are wandering around the water. By creating shade, you can transform your ordinary pool into a relaxing oasis. You can have a range of additional features inside your pool – listen to music, watch TV or have a sophisticated sofa set around your pool. When you are not using the pool, you can just sit and gaze at its luminescence.

Installing the retractable louvred roof Perth over your swimming pool has got many benefits. Apart from enhancing the curb appeal of your home, this open roof adds value to your home. So, why not install one and enjoy your swimming pool throughout the year? You will be glad to have it.

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