Why Should The Brewing Industry Install Gas Detectors?

People don’t realise the different processes involved in brewing, and the dangerous gases evolved during each face. Yes, in the brewing industry, certain complex processes require potentially flammable materials such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Employees and equipment must be protected against toxic, combustible, and flammable gases at all times. Early detection can be the difference between life and death! Hence, gas detectors and gas monitors are the right solutions to ensure the complete safety of your employees and the facility.

Why you need gas detectors if you are into the beverage industry?

Breweries have significant gas hazards, especially in the production of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, spirits, beer, etc. carbon dioxide is created in mass quantities as a by-product of the fermentation process in vineyards, breweries, and wineries. On the other hand, nitrogen is widely used in juice, wine, and beer production and to prevent oxidation.

The facilities that support these processes require gas delivery networks and production gas storage. Each part of the facility has the potential to leak carbon dioxide and nitrogen. As nitrogen and carbon dioxide has no taste, colour, and smell, it is hard to identify if there is a gas leak. In fact, all it takes is a small hole in the pipe connected to the gas cylinder, and a room could fill with dangerous gas. The best way to monitor the levels of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and prevent dangerous leaks is to install gas monitors and gas detectors. In fact, gas detectors are part of the arsenal in fighting atmosphere hazards in the workplace.

It is a legal requirement to maintain the carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in the food and beverage industry. Unfortunately, in most cases, the dangers of carbon dioxide and nitrogen are unknown or ignored. Due to this, many die in tragic and avoidable accidents in breweries across the nation.

Potential gas hazardous in Breweries

– Carbon dioxide

– Nitrogen

– Ammonia

– Oxygen

– Hydrogen in forklifts

– Methane in boiler rooms

– Warehouses

Our gas detectors can be used to carbon dioxide and nitrogen monitoring in brewing facilities. The sensor reads the dangerous gas level, fans will be automatically triggered, and sirens will be activated to alert the workers to evacuate the area immediately.

If you are into the hospitality industry and considering gas monitors, we are happy to recommend the right gas detectors and monitors for you. Contact us today, and our team will help you choose.

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