Why Porcelain Slab Countertops are a Great Idea

Porcelain slabs are a great and popular option among people since they can quickly transform any space without demolition. They come in a number of natural stone looks to complement virtually any design style. If you like to have a marble touch porcelain slabs in Sydney, you can opt realistic marble-look porcelain slabs. Porcelain slabs are more than a passing trend; they add value to the interior design. As a result, porcelain slabs popularity has grown steadily over the last few years, and soon these products will grab a sizable market share. While keeping their appearance, Porcelain benchtops in Sydney are regarded as an ideal choice for flooring applications to endure heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial locations. So, are you interested in renovating with tile? Porcelain tile is definitely worth considering!

Reason Why Porcelain Tiles Are A Smart Flooring Choice

Here are a few reasons why porcelain tiles are a smart flooring choice

Reason 1: With no polishing, waxing, or sealing required, porcelain tile flooring is easy to maintain. Simply clean with a damp mop.

Reason 2: Due to its incredibly low water absorption rate, porcelain stains less and is easier to clean

Reason 3: Since it contains less clay and more feldspar (a mineral), and is pressed at a higher pressure than other ceramic options, it has a high breaking strength.

Reason 4: Offered in a wide range of colours and textures, the design options available are virtually endless. Skilled professionals can accurately recreate many natural surfaces, including wood grain and marble patterns.

Reason 5: Options with a PEI 4 or 5 rating can be installed in commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic.

Reason 6: Porcelain is a durable and hard-wearing material that is resistant to harsher cleaning agents, scratches, stains, fading, heavy loads, and fire

Reason 7: They are highly resistant to stain, scratch, and moisture

Reason 8: Porcelain tiles are frost-resistant, and often frost-proof

Reason 9: They are both harder and denser than many other ceramic tile products

Wrapping Up

The Porcelain benchtops in Sydney countertops are worth a look. It comes in a variety of slab sizes, and colours. But, with natural stone, it will be hard for you to find your right fit. Also, porcelain can be recyclable when it is time to replace. Yes, the porcelain can be recycled. In case, if you are looking to improve the appearance of the countertops (that already exists) in the most cost-effective way, porcelain gives you the solution. All you have to do is, install porcelain over the existing countertops. When it comes to porcelain slab cost, it is affordable if you make your purchase at the right place like Avant Stone. Comparatively, porcelain is cheaper than marble and quartz.

Disclaimer: Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of legal representation in relations to the properties or performance of the above-listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes, please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above-listed product(s).

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