Why Porcelain Benchtops Is Popular Today?

Porcelain benchtops are fast taking over the world of kitchen design. Yes, today people prefer choosing porcelain benchtops when it comes to kitchen renovation project. This is because, porcelain slabs in Sydney is such a high density material and is extremely hard. Not only this, porcelain benchtops offer many advantages that you simply cannot find with any other material.

Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain of course, meets the Australian Standards in relation to a gas burner’s proximity to combustible surfaces. It is safe to use as a fireplace surround or hearth as well as a splashback directly behind a gas cooktop. Usually, porcelain can be used as a floor finish, kitchen, bathroom or laundry benchtop as well as internal and external wall cladding. In fact, porcelain benchtops in Sydney can be used all around the home and even the outdoors.

Here let’s see some of the benefits of adding porcelain benchtops in to your kitchen or any other place of your house.

Porcelain Are Lightweight Countertop Material

Natural stone slabs are generally the heavier 20mm thick variety. For benchtops, the slabs are the light 12mm thick. And porcelain slabs have been perfected in it also with almost up to date modern finishes.

It lastsLong with proper Maintenance

With proper maintenance and care, porcelain benchtops can become lifetime investments for your home. Yes, you can expect it to last for a long time. Because of the high strength of porcelain, it is one of the most durable surfaces covering materials available on the market.

Porcelain Slabs Are Equipped with Premium Quality

Porcelain is essentially stronger than granite and other softer types of natural stone, since it is resistant to scratches, chipping, and cracks.

With the Option of Porcelain, You will Have Several Finish, Size, and Coloursto Choose

Porcelain slabs can offer a customised and modern look for your home.With porcelain, you can customise the size of their slabs according to their countertop design. This is because, there are matte polished porcelain slabs with edges mitred in various styles, making them look more appealing. At the same time, as per your need, you can select a wonderful colour combination. Yes, you can even find a matching or contrasting porcelain hue that most suitable for your home decor.

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