Why plastic sheets rule the packaging domain across different industries

Packaging is one of the principal business functions in any industry domain. Manufactured goods need to be packed efficiently to protect them, ensure their good condition during transit and storage, enhance the convenience while handling, and lengthen their storage life. There are different classes of materials we can think of for packaging. However, plastic sheets in different forms, sizes, product specifications and thicknesses are singularly desired across different industry segments due to their several advantages. Plastic sheets feature a long list of highly advantageous properties that make them the best packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications in a large number of industry verticals.

The three main variants in plastic films and sheets
The three main variants we can think of in the segment of plastic sheets and films include LLDPE, LDPE and BOPP. LLDPE plastic films are known for their high tensile strength, flexible nature and a great degree of resistance to impact and puncture. LDPE plastic sheets have high clarity and low barrier capabilities. Expanded as bi-axially oriented plastic films, the unique characteristic of this kind of film lets it stretch in two distinctive directions. This orientation results in a long list of changes to its property like lower elongation, lustrous appearance, and high stiffness.

Some of the industry segments that make an extensive use of plastic films and sheets include imaging, graphics, electronics, and packaging. However, packaging stands as the largest application of plastics as this segment highly benefits from the most desirable characteristics of plastic sheets that make them the best option for packaging.

Different packaging applications of plastics across different industry verticals include consumer goods, medical, and food and beverages. Due to the overwhelming demand for packaged food and consumer goods, plastic films and sheets are seeing a significant demand. Also the surging demand for flexible packaging in yet another factor that drives the growth of plastic films and sheets in packaging. Especially the pharmaceutical industry is using plastic sheets and films in a very big scale for deriving different packaging solutions.

Factors driving growth
The most desirable properties of plastics that make them the best option for packaging include their easier availability, low prices and durability. Science and technology is fast developing across different industry verticals. This has resulted in the invention of a wide range of products that fuel the surging demand and expectations of the consumer world. Hence there is a huge growth of different kinds of products and new lines of products development in every known industry segment. So, the demand for the most suitable solutions for packaging is fast rising in the world today. Plastic sheets and films of different specifications come as a fitting solution for a wide variety of packaging needs.

Plastic sheet thickness
The thickness of plastic sheets and films is an important feature that let them meet the varied expectations when it comes to packaging as well as non-packaging applications. There are different technologies in use for measuring the plastic sheet thickness. Different plastic sheet manufacturing and processing industries are investing in the best thickness measuring technologies so that they can manufacture the right kind of packaging and non-packaging solutions needed by the different industries.

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