Why Norman Plantation Shutters are Perfect for Your Kids’ Room

Finding the right window treatment for your kids room is not easy. Before you purchase one, there are different factors that you must consider such as safety, durability, functionality and the like. A window furnishing used in kids’ rooms should be easy to clean and maintain, and provide great safety for your child. Norman plantation shutters tick all the boxes and create a child-safe environment you want. Here’s why it is the best choice for your kids room:

Plantation Shutters Easily Control Light:

Good window furnishings should be able to control heat and light in a room, and plantation shutters does that perfectly. By blocking out sunlight and darkening the room either partially or fully, your child can sleep well without discomfort. No more concerns about your newborn not getting enough sleep, regardless of the time of the day.

Plantation Shutters Prevent Allergies:

Household dust is a major cause of concern, since the dust mites cause allergies. If your child has allergy symptoms, plantation shutters can certainly help with the same. They are easy to clean with just a few wipes, hence letting you eliminate dust mites present in and around your house. Norman plantation shutters are a great solution not just for kids, but for adults too if they have allergy problems.

Plantation Shutters are Child Safe:

The conventional window coverings with cords pose significant risk to children. There have been several cases of injuries and even death by strangulation caused due to such window furnishings. Kids can easily get entangled or strangled by corded window blinds, which is why using plantation shutters is highly recommended. Plantation shutters are cordless window furnishings that comply with the safety requirements for children.

Plantation Shutters Control Heat in the Room:

Besides keeping the room dark, maintaining an optimal temperature is necessary for your child to get a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters in Perth have good insulating properties, with which you can control the temperature every season. Even better, you get to bring down your monthly energy expenses by the reduced use of your heating and cooling equipment.

Plantation Shutters are Great for Privacy:

Besides being able to control light and heat in your kids’ room, plantation shutters are perfect to add privacy as well. Even with the windows open, your child will be safe in the room. They can’t be seen from the outside, nor will they attempt to get out through the window.

If you are looking for the perfect window furnishing for your kids room, now you know which one to choose. Get in touch with a recognised supplier of high quality plantation shutters in Perth that stand the test of time. A strong and durable plantation shutters is definitely worth every penny paid.

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