Why My Acura Won’t Start?

It can be so stressful when your car won’t start, especially when you are set to start your busy day. There are many reasons why your Acura won’t start. Modern cars are well-equipped to indicate the underlying issue within your car. As soon as you see any signs of problems in your car, call your mechanic or take your vehicle to the Acura repair shop San Antonio TX to inspect your vehicle. Overlooking small problems can lead to major repairs in which you need to spend a lot of money to fix it.

Here are reasons that would cause your car not to start and some advice to ensure your car stays in top shape, as shared by the Acura auto mechanic San Antonio TX:

Dead Battery

It is one of the most common reasons why engines fail to start up. The car battery can drain due to various reasons. Maybe you forgot to turn off the headlights when parking, you have a loose wire, or have evaporation of water inside the component that could have caused poor conductivity. Perhaps, the battery is overused. It is hard to find the exact cause of the problem. However, if you use jumper cables and your car starts, then indeed the battery is dead, and it needs replacement. On the other hand, if the car didn’t start even after using the cables, look at the next possible reason.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Another common cause is clogged fuel filters. The fuel filter is a significant component of an engine as it filters the fuel before it enters the engine, improving performance. However, if your car is old, residue can build up in the filter and clog the filters. Hence, the fuel won’t make it through the fuel line to the engine, not allowing the car to start. If this is the reason why your car is not starting, you have probably experienced performance issues and might have ignored them. The fuel should be clean to ensure it reaches the engine. The solution is to change your fuel filter, a relatively inexpensive solution.

Broken Starter

A broken starter is another common reason why the car won’t start. The starter helps to turn on the engine. If it is broken or faulty, it will not turn on the engine, and your vehicle won’t start.

Ignition Chamber Failure

Ignition coils and spark plugs are the most common failure in older cars. If both of these parts are damaged, they can stop your car from starting. If the headlights are on, but the car won’t start, the problem is with the ignition coil or spark plugs.

As you see, these are the most common causes of fails to start up. Google Acura repair shop near me and find the best repair shop that can help you fix a car that won’t start.

The author is an experienced Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio TX. Whether you need a tune-up, an overhaul, or just some regular maintenance in-line with your factory warranty, he can get the job done quickly. Visit http://www.arrowwoodauto.com/ for more details.

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