Why LUXAFLEX Blinds Are Your Best Bet?

The type of window blinds you choose greatly influences the interior decor of your home. There might be various blinds in the market, but LUXAFLEX blinds don’t seem to go out of fashion. They effortlessly blend with your home’s interior designs, and turns out to be the best choice for traditional or contemporary spaces. These blinds have the ability to adjust the control of light, give your home a timeless charm and can be personalised to suit any style. Read on to learn why LUXAFLEX blinds are a worthwhile investment –

Luxurious Feel

Installing LUXAFLEX shutters adds a magnificent touch to your home. There are many types of shutters to choose from which can greatly harmonise with your interiors. Moreover, these LUXAFLEX blinds are affordable and can be customised to suit your requirements.


The LUXAFLEX blinds are designed with safety in mind. They are compliant with the ACCC Child Safety Regulations and can be safely operated. This is highly beneficial for the ones with young children and pets at home.

Easy Maintenance

All of us love to have products or services that offer ease of maintenance. Luxaflex products are easy to care for and suit the ones with young family members. Especially, the Softshades Range comprises polyester, which is anti-static and keeps away dust. Also, the shutters can be detached from their hinges and hosed outside.

Energy Efficient

The greatest advantage of installing LUXAFLEX blinds is the capability to manage the room’s temperature. When the window is insulated properly, the room’s temperature is less dependent on conditioning/heating and it consumes less energy, thereby saving up to 49% on the heating expenses. Similarly the LUXAFLEX awnings help save up to 60% on the cooling costs.

Controls Light

LUXAFLEX blinds offer great control over the lighting in your room. Whether you are looking to make the most of the natural light to brighten up the room, or reduce the lighting into the room, LUXAFLEX blinds can be of great help. This way, you can enjoy both the natural lighting as well as protect your furnishings from fading away.

Customised Solution

One added advantage of LUXAFLEX blinds is they can be customised according to your exact window needs. They will be designed to fit perfectly to your windows. The blinds are designed to suit all types of environments, thus it has a solution for everyone.


All the Luxaflex shutters come with a warranty. Moreover, they are available in extensive variety of materials. Most products are created using the highest standards, using the best of sustainable materials wherever possible.

Experience the quality and innovations from one of Australia’s most well respected and trusted brands, LUXAFLEX in window fashions. They are definitely your best bet!

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