Why Is Fall Prevention Important In Older Adults?

Falls are identified to be the cause of deaths and hospitaladmittances in the elderly. Also, falls can take a grave toll on the quality of life and independent lifestyle of the seniors. It also results in cuts, brain injuries, fractures, which can be fatal. And even if the injury doesn’t seem to be that serious, it can cause a trauma in them that they’ll fall again. Some of the common reasons for fall arise due to rickety stairs, greasy floors, health issues or even electrical cords, but most falls happen at home. This is why fall prevention is important. Here are some tips from the experts at senior home care services Sydney to prevent falls and create a safe living space for the seniors.

– Keep the Home Neat and Tidy – The straightforward way to prevent elderly fall is to keep your home neat and tidy. So, make sure to remove any clutter that lies in the walkways or staircases.

– Fix Any Stumbling Risks – At times, even the equipment at home can cause the fall. It can end up in back pain or other harsh injuries. So, inspect every room and passage and examine the items like slippery rugs, carpets or wood floorboardsthat will cause the slip. In these cases repair, replace or remove those items, which is important for fall prevention.

– Set up Handrails or Grab Bars – When the elders move up and down the stairs, or when they step into the toilet or bathtub, they might require the help of handrails in stairways or grab bars in toilets.

– Aged Care Services At Home – As the elderly get older, they would prefer to stay in a familiar place that is safe and comfortable. Undoubtedly, home is the place where they had spent most of their time, which would keep them comfortable. So, getting the aged care assistance at home is the best option to make the senior to feel safe in their place of rest. This will also make sure that the senior receives a one-on-one attention.

– Brighten Up the Living Space – Keeping the home bright can avoid the elders to trip over the objects that aredifficult to see. Also, place night lights in the hallways, bedroom and bathroom at the reach of the bed. Place flashlights in easy to access place to find them easily in case of power breakdown.

– Wear AppropriateShoes – Change the footwear of the senior as part of the fall prevention strategy. Avoid shoes with slippery soles, high heels or floppy slippers, as it will make the elderly slip and fall. So, help them wear properly fitting shoes with non-slippery soles. This will also lower down the joint pain.

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