Why Do Retail Businesses Need Security Guards?

Do you know about $26 billion a year is lost due to dishonest employees in the retail industry alone? Yes, in fact, retail employees admit to stealing an average of $165 yearly. Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes affecting both small and big brands in Australia. It has been estimated that shoplifting costs Australian businesses about $810 million annually.

This stat shows the importance of tightening security in your retail space. Although modern security systems like camera, smart locks help to enhance the security in a business premise, nothing beats the services of security guards Sydney. The assistance of security services Sydney is invaluable as they are effective at deterring crime than high-tech security systems.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the reasons why you need to partner with security companies Sydney:-

Deter crime

Although security guards are not armed, they are effective and instrumental in deterring crime. Having two or more of them patrolling the shopping mall or complex is enough for petty criminals to feels scared, including your employees. They know security guards will catch them red-handed and would feel embarrassed. This reduces shoplifting.

A security guard is well-trained to detect any suspicious activities in your retail store and will help diffuse the situation. Besides, they will inform the law enforcement officers nearby immediately and ensure everything is under control till the policemen arrive at the spot. By choosing the security services, you could enhance the security of your retail store and the people within the premises.

In case of a crime, security guards will collect the evidence which the police could use to charge the criminal.

Improved customer service

When it comes to customer service, the guard at the front desk is a very crucial person. He/she would be the first person your customer or employees meet. They are in the first contact and guide your customer right from picking the products and billing to parking and much more. Sometimes, they even escort your customers, especially if they are old/disabled carrying their bags to the parking lot and even with them to the vehicle during the late hours. When it comes to customer service, their services are invaluable.

Manage unanticipated situations

Sometimes there may be unexpected protests by the employees or outsiders. The security guards will ensure that your property and products are safe in such unexpected situations. Also, they will advise you on disputes that could affect your business negatively.

As you see, security gaurs are a valuable asset to your business. Whether you are small or big, you’ll never go wrong with hiring security services.

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