Why Do A Facility Condition Assessment?

The present condition of your building and its probable condition in future are sure to influence your budget about maintenance, repairs, the required improvements and the cost encompassed to complete them. Without a Facilities Management assessment, you will simply be assuming about the present condition of your building and its maintenance. In fact, facility condition assessments offer valuable insights to make informed decisions about the building. Therefore, it is essential to develop a comprehensive building assessment to create a cost-effective strategy for your property.

Why do you require a facility condition assessment?

• When Acquiring a Property – If you are heading to buy a commercial property which has been in existence for more than five years, getting the help of Facilities Management Sydney to carry out a facility condition assessment can tell you what shape the building is in. They will help you uncover what is wrong with the mechanical systems, which part of the roof requires repair, how much flooring requires a replacement and much more.

• To Comply with Building Codes – The new federal and state laws are changing every day due to the social and political trends. Many old buildings are being insulated due to these changes. A detailed facility condition assessment will help identify those areas of the facility that requires an upgrade to comply with the latest building codes, regulations and ADA compliant.

• When Remodelling – Facilities might have to be re-purposed based on changes in business models. In that case, Facilities Management Melbourne can be deployed to decide on the conditions of buildings and figure out if the facility remains fit for purpose.

• To Carry Out Lifecycle Cost Analysis – Carrying out a facility condition assessment for your facility can help understand if you should replace the old equipment in the building, replace the roofs or just continue with the repairs. Lifecycle cost analysis can provide valuable insights of the financial data and helps justify the decision making process. Also, various decisions like – using sustainable solutions, replacing inefficient air conditioners with new, adding solar panels are a few difficult decisions to make. However, a detailed facility condition assessment and life cycle cost analysis will impart the answers.

• To Avoid Costly Repairs – As the infrastructure ages, there are many chances that something breaks down and it requires a repair. Carrying out regular facility condition assessment by the experts will help avoid costly repairs and provides an understanding on what condition the infrastructure is in. It also provides insights on whether or not it requires repairs and what costs will be associated with it.

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