Why Creating Podcasts on Emergency Medicine is So Popular?

Today, the usage of medical podcasts are growing and becoming more popular than ever. Emergency medicine podcasts are on high demand among medical professionals and students in recent days, and the numbers are expected to grow high in the coming months.

According to a recent research report, podcasts on emergency medical services and medical education are the most active when compared to other areas like toxicology, simulation, and more.

A 2018 trade report says that 124 million people listen to podcasts, approximately 73 million had listened within the last month, and the average listener consumed seven podcasts per week. Reports from the Apple Podcast platform reveals that there are more than 500,000 active podcasts in 100 languages, exemplifying the diverse reach of podcasting for information and entertainment dissemination.

Critical Care Podcast

The usage of critical care podcast has seen tremendous growth recently and targets on emergency medicine services. Today, there are some channels offering free urgent care podcast with the aim to improve the availability, characteristics, and content. Among all the medical podcasts available, emergency medicine podcasts cover 44% of the content, making it the field with the highest number of active podcasts.

Why is the Demand High?

The growth in the usage of urgent care podcast is proportional to the demand of these podcasts to educate and inform physicians. Recently graduated physicians and physicians under training are exposed to more number of urgent care podcast during their education.

Medical podcasts have gained popularity only over the past 20 years as it provides additional educational opportunities in what many learners have found to be a favourable means of obtaining medical content and potentially continuing medical education credit.

While the use of emergency medicine podcasts is on the rise, it is more evident that you can find curated content in all platforms that expand the knowledge of medical professionals and even the patients. The content can be categorised and released, focusing on different areas of interest in emergency medicine.

– Critical care

– Medical-Legal Issues

– Operations management

You can download these podcasts directly from the websites, and you can sign up for regular updates. At Critical Care Education, we specialise in creating critical care podcasts, medical education podcasts and interviews with intensive care experts focused on medical students, junior medical officers, residents, critical care trainees, ICU advanced trainees and nursing staff working in intensive care, emergency medicine and anaesthesia.

The Bottom Line

Today the use of podcasts in the medical field is increasing overall, whereas physicians in emergency medicine have access to a larger number of podcasts specific to their subspecialty than others.

The author of this article created emergency medicine podcasts that help medical professionals learn information out of what they have learnt in their class, even if they are busy at their work. Visit https://critcareedu.com.au/.

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