Why Choose Super White Dolomite For Your House?

Are you looking to renovate your house? The kitchen, bathroom, splashbacks, and island tops may be your main focus! If so, why cant to try Super White Dolomite in Sydney? Yes, Super White Dolomite is one of the best natural stone that exists in the today’s world that suit well for your kitchen benchtops, island tops, splashbacks and bathrooms. It is quite famous for commercial and residential projects, because of its exquisite looks and amazing durability. When it’s come to look, Super White Dolomite has the desirable marble-look that comes in large-sized slabs and the material will be harder than a typical marble.

Super White Dolomite

The Super White looks vary from slab to slab. If you are looking for the dolomite stone benchtops that suits your home well, you should make sure to carefully examine each stone to choose the right piece. Some leading Super White Dolomite suppliers allow you get a piece of stone and take it home in order to check with your house setting how it goes with the rest of your kitchen or bathroom design, and to make the perfect decision. Once you make the purchase the dolomite stone for benchtops you will need a professional installation carried out by a licensed contractor.

Super White Quartzite Vs Marble, Quartz, and Granite


Super White Quartzite gives you the look of Carrara White marble with enhanced characteristics and quality. Also, it is a much better and safer option. When it comes top marble, it will stain from anything acidic, it will scratch and it requires a lot of attention and maintenance.


Both quartzite and quartz are hard. Quartz is more flexible but can be scratched by sharp objects as well as quartzite. But, plastic resin is used in manufacturing quartz and this is why it is prone to melting above 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


Super White is a natural stone, just like granite and marble, but it’s much more durable and harder than marble. And both stones look absolutely fantastic in any kitchen, and only minimum of maintenance required. But, super white quartzitehas a more uniform look while granite has more movement and you can choose from many color and pattern options. It comes down to what look you prefer for your kitchen.

So, no matter whether you want to renovate you kitchen or bathroom, consider Super White Dolomite in Sydney.

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