Why Choose Sigrist Aquascat For The Water Treatment?

Every water treatment operators aim to have a maintenance-free turbidity monitor. The Sigrist Aquascat helps with this regard. Yes, it uses a non-contact measurement around the free falling water jet along with automatic adjustment to cater to the demand. The flagship model, AquaScat was blended to the family of Sigrist recently with a measuring span of 0 to 4000FNU. Furthermore, the Sigrist Aquascat has a non-contact setup.

Applications of Sigrist Turbidity Meter

The water getting into the Water Treatment Plant starts off from various sources like – rivers, ground water, wells, lakes, and rivers. This water can be polluted due to different conditions as, bacteria or micro pollutants, organic carbons, humic acids, and other solid matters. The Sigrist Turbidity Meter can be applied in the following areas –

– Measurement of turbidity in raw water

– To observe the flocculation and the dose of flocculants used

– Effective monitoring of filter performance and control of back-wash

– Treated and final waters turbidity measurement

– Waste waters turbidity measurement

– Water distribution networks and in storage water turbidity monitoring

How Does It Benefit The Customers?

The Sigrist Aquascat Turbidity instrument offers a non-contact measurement inside the free-fall stream. It is convenient to operate through touch screen, and operates at the lowest stray light levels. Aquascat also describes the measured values regarding the past usage. Ultimately, the device is maintenance free. Keep reading to understand more about the advantages –

Non-Contact Free-Fall Concept

The raw water that passes through the AquaScat models follows a Free-Fall concept, without coming into contact with the optics. There is no window fouling, so the calculated values are accurate. Even the lowest and highest turbidity values can be gauged precisely, which gives exact results and the maintenance is extremely low.

Dual Beam Concept

The Sigrist Aquascat machining is of high quality, hence the cell contamination is minimised to a greater extent, and so is the cell cleaning. The light transmitted and scattered can be easily measured and taken into attention.

Brings Down the Amount of Stray Light

The high quality optical components present in the design of Sigrist Aquascat decreases the amount of stray light present inside. Therefore, it paves way for stable measurement turbidity. This zero drift specifies long term stability.

Integrated Control Unit

The entire control unit of the Turbidity instrument encompasses an integrated colour touch screen. The values, graphs and messages are presented, allowing the logger to recall and display the gauged data of the last 30-32 days.

Ultimately, this measuring device provides the company with cost-advantageous online monitoring of raw water. The water can either be treated or rejected depending on the concentration of the soiling!

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