Why Choose Greaseproof Paper Over Aluminium Foils?

It’s time to switch to greaseproof paper if you are still relying on aluminium foils for cooking. Yes, when there is a hassle-free alternative, why would you want to aluminiumfoils which are not healthy? The next time whether you are baking a cake or wrapping up a cooked food for your dinner party or roasting up vegetables reach for greaseproof paper instead.

Printed greaseproof paper is ideal for cooking a papillote, wrapping moist foods, and even in a skillet in order to remove the moisture from the vegetables that are cooked. The greaseproof paper is designed to withstand high temperatures and has non-stickyfeatures, making it ideal for lining a baking pan. Baking paper is also widely used in the food packaging industries, industrial packaging supplies and hospitality supplies.

Of course, the greaseproof paper is expensive when compared to waxed paper and aluminium foil. But, when compared to the benefits offered by the greaseproof paper, the cost shouldn’t be a big concern. In fact, it can be a better value since it is versatile and can be reused as a pan liner.

Why choose greaseproof paper over aluminium foil and other options?

Unbleached Greaseproof paper is versatile than when compared to aluminium foils. Greaseproof paper is exclusively designed for baking, toasting, and wrapping. When baking a cake or biscuits the layer of greaseproof paper on the tray helps keep the baking tray clean and prevents from sticking. It can also be used for wrapping foods like pizza, chips, popcorn, sandwich, burgers etc. Foodstuffs which are wrapped in the greaseproof paper maintain their flavour and appearance.

Actually, a greaseproof paper is not wax paper. A wax paper is coated with wax, and though it is a good substitute for covering a workspace for easy clean-up, it does not suit to the oven as the wax can melt or may even catch fire while baking. Besides, it’s not healthy as well. That’s why you need to choose greaseproof paper over other options.

Handy uses of printed greaseproof paper:

– Printed Greaseproof paper will help the pan clean, so you don’t have to worry about the roasted vegetable residue, crusted-on cookie crumbs and more.

– Reuse the greaseproof paper. Yes, you don’t have to throw the sheet which is used for baking. You canreuse it for multiple batches of cookies as long as the paper is dry and debris-free.

– You can wrap the cooked foods with the help of parchment paper. Also, you can wrap your cheese before storing them in the fridge. It helps to extend the shelf life of cheese by allowing it to breathe and release moisture.

Searching for greaseproof paper in bulk? You can buy a roll of parchment paper or from printed greaseproof paper suppliers at an affordable price.

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