Why choose dental implants over dentures?

Have you lost your tooth? May be it is due to a trauma or dental disease. Regardless of the reason of tooth loss, it can cause a lot of dental problems to the patient. That it is essential to replace your missing teeth as early as possible. Whether you are just starting your research or you have been at a little while, there are two options to replace a missing tooth: Dental Implants and Dentures. Innovations in restoration dentistry during the last few decades have created a range of treatment options. Though dentures are a good option to replace a missing tooth, dental implants Melbourne are considered to be as the permanent solution.

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose dental implants over dentures:-


Dental implants are the strongest teeth replacement solution in dentistry. This is because the dental implants are made of titanium material that has the ability to fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called osseointegration. This creates a strong foundation for the prosthetic tooth. When compared, dentures are fragile and can be broken easily. Bridges may seem to be a permanent solution, but excessive force on them can cause the teeth to come under strain that puts them at the risk of fracturing and even falling out.

Permanence and Discretion

One of the biggest issues with dentures is that they are removable and they are not permanently attached in the gums. Despite using adhesive paste to make them hold in the place, patients who wear dentures find that they tend to slip, especially when eating and sleeping. This can cause embarrassment and lowers self-confidence. On the other hand, cheap dental implants Melbourne are a permanent solution. Once they are installed, they feel, function, and look like natural teeth.

Preserve the Jawbone

As they are inserted into the jawbone, they stimulate the bone. People who replace their missing teeth with dental implants end up with the bone loss. It changes their appearance and they don’t fit right. So, they have to buy new ones frequently.

Aesthetic appearance

The dental implants cost Melbourne are affordable, and they provide the closest aesthetic appearance to your natural teeth. In fact, many patients say that they are comfortable and convincing.

For these reasons you know why dental implants are superior choice over dentures and other teeth replacement options.

The author is a dentist and a blogger who writes about various dental procedures and their cost. For more details about dental implants cost Melbourne, visit https://www.dentistscost.com.au/ now.

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