Why Child Care Centres encourage Outdoor Play?

Outdoor play is an integral part of childhood. This is where children practices and masters their emerging physical skills. But the changes in the current societies are affecting childhood experiences. The sedentary lifestyle is diminishing the time for outdoor play. From watching television to playing on iPads, children seem to be spending more time indoors. This can negatively impact their health and development.

On the other hand, according to researches, the outdoor play offers many benefits to children. That’s why child care centres encourage outdoor play. Keep reading to know some benefits of outdoor play:

Builds Physically Healthier Children:

No indoor activity is better than spending some quality time outdoors for throwing balls, running, jumping, etc. Outdoor play keeps children active and can boost their physical strength and fitness. Also, the outdoor games can lower the risk of many diseases and strengthen their muscles and bones.

Moreover, being in the fresh air and under the sun can naturally provide them with enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D in the body means stronger bones and less likelihood of chronic diseases.

On the other hand, when kids are exposed to electronic gadgets for a longer duration, it can impair their vision, whereas outdoor play can improve their eyesight.

So child care centres Dee Why design their programs in a way to encourage children to play outdoors.

It gives Children an opportunity to learn new things:

Playing outdoors helps kids to build their learning skills. In Dee Why children’s centre children are thought to learn through play. This is a fun way of helping kids learn new information and skills. They may develop a problem-solving attitude, learn some essential life lessons, explore nature, and acquire an elementary understanding of science through outdoor play. Not only do children learn lots of fundamental information, but they are also more likely to remember what they learned because they learn it by experiencing it, and interacting with the natural environment.

It can boost their Creativity:

Outdoor play is an excellent opportunity to promote children’s creativity. The outdoor games encouraged in Dee Why early childhood centre can boost the imagination skills of children. Away from the limitations of indoor play, being in the open area surrounded by plants and trees can boost their creativity.

It can help them acquire Social Skills:

The outdoors are usually less crowded than the indoors, so children naturally come out of their shells and be more social. This means that children will be more willing to join in games and other activities. Moreover, in the outdoors, kids interact with each other effectively. When they make new friends, they take turns to play or simply talk to each other. All of these can improve their social as well as communication skills.

Thus playing outdoors improves a child’s motor skills, social skills, and concentration. To make certain that these skills develop the right ways, along with other essential skills, send your child to one of the best child care centres.

The author is an avid blogger. With a team of qualified and experienced staff, in his childcare, he works hard to create a comfortable, inclusive and warm environment where children can grow. If you are looking for child care centres Dee Why visit https://deewhykindergarten.com.au/.

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