Why are Printed Greaseproof Papers so popular?

Is your business looking to step it up on its branding when presenting your menu items? Are you still presenting your menu in non-absorbent papers? Does your logo get lost in grease or oils? If this is the mistake your branding is falling into, call printed greaseproof paper suppliers now. Yes, the easiest way to create a luxurious feel for your business is to add beautifully printed packaging.

Creating winning packaging is simple with so many customisable opportunities available nowadays. You can effortlessly find a solution that fits your business needs. With the extensive range of finishes and colours for packaging supplies available, here is a guide to help you focus on attractive packaging solution.

Printed greaseproof paper to expand your brand:

Greaseproof paper is your number one source for custom printed food paper products. Personalised printed greaseproof paper is a fantastic all-purpose solution for the food and hospitality dining sectors. Whether you are wrapping a sandwich or presenting your fries in a basket, wrapping burgers or using the wraps as a replacement on your restaurant table, the application of custom printed greaseproof papers is endless.

You can design your very own branded greaseproof papers with the help of professionals. You can upload your logo and create your greaseproof paper in the appropriate colour and size you need. It is that simple. The professionals will do all the work for you and deliver your printed packaging supplies order upon completion.

Want to know more about custom printed greaseproof paper?

Nowadays, greaseproof papers are taking centre stage in packaging presentation. From a functional standpoint, the greaseproof paper acts as a barrier between the container and the food. Whether you are using greaseproof papers for presentation or protection, you can enhance your dish delivery with branded greaseproof paper.

– These papers are biodegradable and manufactured from Kraft brown papers.

– The material is specially made to cover products used within the food industry.

– Its natural feel is appropriate for packaging in baking industries and other luxurious goods as well.

– The greaseproof property can easily cope with heavy oil applications such as chip wraps and chip basket liners.

– The wraps also help maintain flavours and aromas while enhancing the appearance of the foods.

Greaseproof papers are turning the foodservice paper world upside down with the revolutionary approach to custom printing. Gone are the days of one and two colour step and repeat logos. Businesses like yours now have the option to transform your foodservice paper into a work of art. Greaseproof paper gives your business the presentation flair and lets your customers see your brand in a whole new light. Design it yourself or let talented professionals help you. Greaseproof papers are the perfect solution for greasy fried hot and cold foods. This is the most versatile sheet on the market today. If you are not currently using greaseproof paper, get started today!

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