Why, and Where, to Get an EPA 2020 Wood Stove

Wood stoves really can be an excellent and effective way to heat your home. In fact, with today’s new models of wood burning stoves, they can be an economical way to heat your home as well. Today’s stoves are enormously efficient and designed to extract as much thermal energy from each unit of wood used as possibly, all while releasing minimal emissions.

Wood burning stoves are not only a great way to heat your home. Contrary to the opinion that they are a thing of the past, you can effectively cook and bake using a wood burning stove, and you can even buy heat operated fans and humidifiers to improve the quality of air in your home in the winter.

To go back to a former point, though, emissions are regulated by the EPA, and going forward, all wood stoves in the United States will need to be EPA certified models. Back in the day, there were stoves that produced higher levels of smoke and emissions than today; it was common for stoves of the past to release upwards of 20 or 30 grams of smoke per hour. That may not sound like a lot without context, but today, the EPA requires wood burning stoves to produce no more than 4.5 grams per hour, which is a significant reduction.

On the one hand, buying an EPA 2020 wood stove for your home is significant because it will help ensure that conscientious homeowners are doing all they can to reduce their carbon emissions, thereby positively impacting the environment. On the other hand, it is a matter of legal compliance. You might never run into an issue, but to ensure that you are in compliance with the EPA’s 2020 regulations, you’ll need to upgrade or switch to an EPA 2020 wood stove.

Now, admittedly, this will be theoretically easy for first time buyers, since going forward, all new models of wood stoves produced and sold in the United States will have to meet the EPA’s requirements. Therefore, if you buy a wood stove going forward, it should automatically be a 2020 wood stove, but that compliance still relies partially with the homeowner to ensure.

These are two of the best reasons to get a 2020 EPA certified wood stove, as you’ll be ensuring legal compliance while at the same time minimizing your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment. The new 2020 Standards went into effect earlier this year, so finding a stove that meets the emissions standards should now be easier than ever.

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