Why a 1300 Business Number Is a Good Investment for Business Owners


The 1300 number is one of the essential aspects of your business’s marketing and branding strategy. Many business owners think the 1300 business number is expensive. But there is another way of looking at them and it is more as an investment rather than an expense. You can contact one of the leading 1300 number providers to buy yours. Here, we have mentioned a few reasons why 1300 business number is beneficial for business owners.

Cost-effective Solution

1300 numbers are more cost-effective than many businesses realise. Callers simply pay for the cost of a local call, while with easy inbound the receiver pays a low flat rate per minute rate. Unlike the large market leader by the number of numbers it does not matter from where the call originates – from a mobile or a landline, or from a regional area, capital city, the rate is the same.

Track Performance of Staff

– Businesses may count the number of incoming calls and the duration of the calls to track performance and leads

– Automatically record incoming calls to a 1300 number and track the performance of staff members

Improve Calls and Sales Performance

Customers using a 1300 number only pay for the cost of a local phone call when dialling from a landline; they will not hesitate to call your business

Prioritise Customer Service

– Top-notch customer service will differentiate you from your competitors

– Receive instant email notifications for voice messages, allowing you to monitor messages/voicemails from any location.

– Direct callers to the most appropriate resource for their needs by providing a single phone number but routing the calls to a particular office based on the location of the caller; for example, route Victorian-based calls to the Melbourne office and Queensland-based calls to the Brisbane office

– Reduce missed and abandoned leads by routing incoming calls to an available staff member or live answering service at any time. Never miss an opportunity to connect with customers again.

Stay Flexible in Business

We live in a mobile world. 1300 numbers and other call features allow you to get away from the desk when you need to be on the move. For example, calls can be rerouted to a mobile phone, a colleague or a live answer or our virtual office service.

Promote Business Growth

– Manage multiple departments and/or offices using a single system.

– Place a 1300 number in advertisements and marketing material to convey a professional appearance to customers.

– A 1300 number allows your business to improve its operations by allocating time and resources more effectively. Chasing missed calls or tracking down staff members will no longer be an issue.

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James has been working as the Business Development Manager with think Pickle which is one of the leading 1300 number providers. In this article, he has mentioned a few reasons why a 1300 business number is beneficial for business owners. Visit https://thinkpickle.com.au to find out more.

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