Who needs Skin Cancer Screening?


Screening for skin cancer is recommended for adults in most cases. This is because adults are at an increased risk or have a higher chance of getting the disease. It doesn’t mean you will definitely get skin cancer if you are at increased risk, but you should start regular screening exams. So if unfortunately, you get skin cancer, the doctor will find it at an early stage. When found earlier, chances for treating skin cancer successfully are highest.

What are the signs you should be aware of?

Besides regular skin cancer screening, you should stay aware. This means you should know your skin better to notice any changes. This will help to report to the doctor without delay so he can screen you. If you find any suspicious sore or wound that doesn’t heal or a change in a freckle or mole, you should bring it to the notice of Bowral doctors.

Who needs Skin Cancer Screening?

You should get skin cancer screening or Bowral medical imaging if you identify one or more of the groups below.

Inherited skin cancer risks to be aware of includes:


-Family history of melanoma


-More than 50 moles

-The genetic syndrome which makes you sensitive to the sun

Environmental Exposure, including:

-Frequent trips to the tanning salon

-Too much exposure to the sun

-One or more blistering sunburns

Precancerous conditions like dysplastic nevi, also known as unusual moles and actinic keratosis, are also reasons for getting skin cancer screening exam every year.

If you have a skin cancer history of squamous or basal cell carcinoma or if you have ever had treatments like immunosuppressive or radiation or other cancer treatment, which can increase the risk of getting skin cancer. In such cases, you should schedule an annual screening for skin cancer Bowral if not more frequently.

How to identify Skin Anomalies that need attention?

Knowing to identify the skin anomalies which need to be addressed to the doctor can help you make good decisions. Look for the ABCDEs of skin cancer to help you to identify or easily suspect a skin condition.


-Asymmetrical ragged

-Border non-uniform


-Dimension larger than 6 mm

-Evolving or changing

If you find any of the signs of skin cancer that match these identifiers, you should check with Bowral doctors immediately. It could be of more concern than you think. Often we put off things until its too late, but the possibility of skin cancer should never be one such thing. Proactive decisions with skin cancer can be life-saving.

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