Which is Better? Studio or Home Newborn Session

Babies grow quickly, and before you realize it, they’ll be a pre-schooler. Capturing the newborn’s cute moments is something you can cherish forever. Many invest in newborn photography Sydney as they wanted to document this occasion and capture the beauty of their little ones.

If you are planning to do the newborn photography session, there are two ways – a studio or home photo session. However, should you go for an in-home photography session or a studio session? It really depends on you. If you like to do the session conveniently, you can go with in-home session. If not, a studio session would be great.

You will have several questions in your mind, and knowing what to expect in the newborn photography session can help you make informed decisions.

Do you live in an individual house or apartment?

Although it doesn’t matter and the baby photographer Sydney can work on any space by bringing the necessary props, some are not comfortable with people coming into their home. So the type of house or the amount of space isn’t a big deal when it comes to newborn photography. Just be sure that you are comfortable with people coming to your house or not.

Are you comfortable with taking your baby out in public?

While some parents don’t feel like moving out with their newborn, others are okay going out with even 1-2week old baby. Some mothers can’t wait to get out of the house with their babies. That said, some babies are a little riskier to take them out. If you are worried about the studio, then you don’t have to as they will be impeccably clean, and all the props are properly cleaned and sterilized after every use. The photographers take every precaution needed when working with the newborn. Whether you prefer to do it in your house or at the studio, all you need to consider is the safety of the baby. Choosing the best baby photographer Sydney is the key to have a successful newborn photo session.

Are there siblings?

You know your children better than anyone. Don’t you? In fact, there is no guarantee that your child will cooperate for photos, especially if you have toddlers as they might get cranky suddenly for no reason at all. So, you need to think about them and decide on whether to have the photo session in your house or at the studio.

Do you like props?

If you love to have pictures of the baby in bowls, beds, buckets, and with a different set of backdrops and props, studio-session is the ideal option. When the photographers come to your house, he/she will be limited with the number of things they can bring.

How much time you can spend?

While in-home session takes 3-4 hours, studios sessions are usually 2-3 hours. So, consider the time which you can spend and then decide where you want to have the photo session with your baby.

Whichever session you choose, you’ll cherish the photos forever. Consider these factors and choose the shoot accordingly.

The author is a professional baby photographer specialises in newborn photography Sydney . His studio features a stunning collection of simple and classic sets to be used as backdrops for portraits, and he creates both vintage-style and modern photographs. Visit for more details.

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