Which Flowers Say “I’m Sorry”?

Sometimes we mess up – it is inevitable! It may be the words uttered during a heated argument or professional commitments that took over your personal moments; you know in heart that you didn’t mean it. No matter how safely you play things happen and to make up for the situation, all you need to do is say ‘sorry.’ You have to mean every bit of it. In such moments, flowers are the life saver to make up for your mistake. Have you messed up things and now you’re feeling sorry? Say it with a bouquet of these flowers.

White Tulips

White flowers are associated with purity and new beginnings. White tulips are the ideal choice to apologize and make up for your mistake. White tulips are elegant and will never go overboard, especially when you are sending them to a colleague. Send a bouquet of white tulips along with a personalized note using flower delivery Bismarck service to express your apologies. Wrong time of year? Send white lilies or freesia!


Why not say sorry with a rose? You can’t go wrong with classic red roses. A bouquet of red, pink, and white roses represents unconditional care, love, affection, and warmth. However, yellow roses signify friendship and are ideal for expressing your sincere apology. Roses can be the perfect choice to reconcile with your significant other if you have messed up.


Do you want to be forgiven easily? Get a beautiful bouquet of bright and colorful gerbera from Bismarck flower shops. These flowers make a mesmerizing bouquet, which always brings a smile. It is the best way to say sorry when arguments and misunderstandings take over your relationship.


Do you want to admit your fault and recommit to the person you have offended? Then you should consider including a sprig of ivy in your floral arrangement. That can melt the heart of the person whom you have hurt.

Flowers are a very effective and powerful communication tool for making a person understand what you feel, and to show that you are very sorry for your deeds. However, the choice of flowers is important for convincing the person that you are truly sorry. When not sure about the flowers, get help from the Bismarck florists as they can help you create a bouquet that says ‘sorry.’

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