Where to Get the Best Andrology Consulting Services in Madurai?


Are you seeking the best andrology consulting services in Madurai? Being a city fabulous for cultural, traditional, professionaL as well as a technological dependence, availing of best andrology consulting services in Madurai is not so complex. There is a wide range of Andrology consultants in Madurai. Among them, You can get honesty and confidential consulting services from Basis, the best men’s clinic in Madurai.

BASIS is a prestigious unit of Bright Hospital & Bright Kidney Centre, located in K.K.Nagar, Madurai, Opposite to World Tamil Sangam & Government Law College, which is located in an easily accessible and well-connected place of Madurai City is the best men’s health clinic in Madurai for all infertility-related problems.


The Senior Andrology Consultant Dr.K.Muralidharan.,MBBS.,MS.,M.Ch (Genito Urinary Surgery)., FICS(Urology) is a Qualified Expert in this field for more than 15 years.


Their motto is to provide affordable Andrology Care for all Socio-Economic Group.

Problems in Male Sexual Health


  1. Broken Penile

  2. Urethral and Prostate 

  3. Scrotal and chronic pelvic pain

  4. Gynaecomastia and Hernic

  5. Male Sexual health

  6. Male fertility disorder


Facilities & Treatment in Basis Men’s Clinic


  1. Male fertility evaluation

  2. SDT testing and treatment

  3. Cosmetic circumcision

  4. Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal

  5. Penile curvature therapies

  6. Priapism therapies

  7. RIGI scan

  8. Penile doppler and penile triplex

  9. Penile rejuvenation

  10. Intracavernosal injection

  11. Vibrator therapy

  12. Penile prosthesis

  13. Testis prosthesis

  14. Penile augmentation

  15. Prostate surgeries

  16. Advanced varicocele treatments


With the surgical facilities and treatments offered in Basis men’s clinic, I hope you believe Basis is the Best Andrology Consultant in Madurai. Don’t think of your problem as a taboo. It’s time to cure your infertility-related problems. 

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