Where Can I Dispose of Old Paint?

What should I do with leftover paint cans? This is a major concern for many property owners. While latex paint can last up to ten years, oil-based paint lasts for more than fifteen years when stored properly. It is very common to see half-empty paint cans sitting in the garage for ages, collecting dust. You may have poured paint down drains or into the ground. But, paint has harsh chemicals which could impact the environment and endanger our health, so it is no longer allowed.

However, disposing of junk paint is much easier than you think. Doing so will help keep your property safe. Not to mention, free of the unnecessary clutter.

Here are a few tips for disposing of paint from our junk removal West St. Paul MN professionals:-

Use the leftover paint or donate

If you have leftover paint from your previous project, try to reuse them for other painting projects. Always store the paint in a cool, dry location that is away from sunlight and temperature. If you can’t, please donate it to someone who is need of it. Ask your relatives, friends, and neighbor. We are sure someone who couldn’t afford might need it to finish their painting project. You get rid of the cans, and they get some free paint, it’s a win-win for both parties.

You could also try giving the leftover paint to a local charity group. Advertising the paint on your local community recycling site is a good idea. However, if the paint is completely unusable, you’ll have to dispose of it.

Recycle empty cans

In most of the household waste recycling centers, only empty metal paint cans are accepted for recycling. On the other hand, plastic paint cans are not recycled. However, your local recycling center will accept the plastic paint cans and ensure to dispose of it responsibly.

Dispose of excess paint

Just like you can’t pour paint away, it’s prohibited to throw old paint cans in the bin as well. Liquid paint is banned from landfills as it contains hazardous chemicals. You’ll have to wait until the paint hardens before taking to the local recycling center.

Hire junk removal service West St. Paul MN

When it is time to get rid of your paint rubbish, a safe option is to have an experienced junk removal West St. Paul company dispose of the waste responsibly as they won’t illegally dump paint cans.

If you need help or have any questions regarding disposing of your paint cans, please call us. We are happy to assist!

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