When should you replace your Car Windscreen?


The windscreen is regarded as the vehicle’s number one safety restraint. It serves as a layer of protection, keeping you inside the car and other things outside. Car windscreen is made of two layers of glasses that are born together by lamination or a layer of strong vinyl.

If the windscreen breaks somewhere, the windscreen will hold the glass in place, protecting it from shattering that can harm the passengers in the car. Considering how vital windscreens are for a vehicle, you should never think of compromising on those parts.

When should I get a windscreen replacement Sydney?

A few years back, a damaged windscreen should be replaced immediately, but not now. Thanks to the advancement of techniques and technologies, it is now possible to repair the windscreen instead of outright replacement. However, windscreen replacement depends on three factors severity, location, and size of the damage.


The cracks located at the edge of the windscreen can spread quickly and thereby weakening the structural integrity of the glass. If the crack hasn’t spread, you can get it repaired. If it has started to spread, car windscreen replacement Sydney is recommended.

In addition, for a crack in the windscreen, the worst location is the driver’s line of sight. In this case, windscreen should be replaced immediately since repairing may cause glass distortion, whereas any degree of distortion is hazardous for the passengers inside.


When screen cracks, it can be repaired up to 3 inches long. Professionals can also fix rock chips that are no bigger than 1 inch in diameter. However, if it is bigger, then windscreen replacement is recommended. Small rock chips can be repaired however, keep in mind it is strictly cosmetic and will not strengthen the window.


If your windscreen has a very deep crack or has more than three small cracks, go for cheap car windscreen replacement Sydney. If your car is hit by a massive object or is involved in a major collision, windscreen replacement is recommended. This is because a major impact will result in the weakening of the glass and also the supporting frame.

Because another impact no matter how major or minor it is, it might result in breaking and cracking of your entire windscreen.

Regardless of the characteristic of the crack in your windscreen, the common advice is to deal with it as early as possible. If not, moisture and dirt may accumulate in the cracked area, making the condition worse. If you are thinking about the cost of windscreen replacement, don’t worry too much, it is highly affordable.

Are you still waiting to get your when screen repaired? Go for it.

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