When should you get your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Why do we have wisdom teeth? Researchers believe that these teeth have come from our ancestors who fed on raw meats, roots, and vegetables. These molars develop only in some people between the ages of 17 and 21, also known as the wisdom years, hence the name, ‘wisdom teeth.’ These molars are not always functional and can usually cause problems like teeth crowding. Although some of us don’t experience any problem with these teeth, they can create one in the future. Hence dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal Melbourne in most instances.

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

This is the most common reason to undergo wisdom teeth removal. In some cases, these molars are impacted below the gum line as they do not have adequate space in the jaw to emerge and develop like other teeth.

Impacted third molars can cause symptoms like:

– Jaw pain

– Swollen, bleeding or tender gums

– Stiffness or swelling in the jaw

– Difficulty opening the mouth

– Bad breath

In many cases, the impacted teeth may show no symptoms, though your dentist might recommend cheap wisdom teeth removal Melbourne of the impacted teeth to prevent a potential problem.

Pain and Irritation around the Teeth:

As the third molars grow in, they tend to cause pains and aches. If you experience pain or discomfort at the backside of the mouth, contact your dentist for a checkup and x-ray. He can find out if the actual cause of the discomfort or pain is wisdom teeth or other factors. Your dentist will not always suggest the removal of molars. If these teeth can come through the jaw without disturbing other teeth, you can have them. However, in most cases, these teeth tend to cause trouble and are removed.

Incorrect growth:

When these molars grow, in some cases, although they erupt normally, they take up too much space in the mouth. Besides, these molars cannot be straightened out with braces. As a result, when your mouth becomes crowded, removal is the only option. Your dentist will determine which teeth to remove. This means you can get one or two wisdom teeth removed while retaining the rest.

Difficulty Eating:

Some of these molars tend to cause pain and trouble eating. If this is the case, it might be time to get them removed. Also, as the flap is open, food particles and other harmful bacteria could get stuck in between the gums. This could cause many problems if you cannot clean the back of the mouth properly while brushing. Check with your dentist if you experience difficulty eating to find the right solution to handle it. If it cannot be resolved, affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne might be the only choice.

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