What’s New with Hyundai Veloster?

Be sure to check out the 2020 Hyundai Veloster if you are looking for a fun ride that doesn’t cost a lot of coins. Although the affordability and best-in-class warranty of this small hatchback make it a perfect option for bargain hunters, improved performance makes driving more entertaining. Of course, everyone on the road will pay attention to the distinctive styling of the Veloster. Let’s find out why you should consider purchasing a new Hyundai Veloster for 2020.

What’s New For 2020?

The Veloster was completely overhauled last year. There are a few improvements worth noting, but the 2020 model has not received any monumental updates. Rear cross-traffic warning blind-spot detection has been applied to the standard equipment list of the Turbo R-Spec trim. Normal cargo tie-downs are also received by any new Veloster.

Characteristics That Excite

As the Hyundai Veloster promotion is certainly no wallflower, you’ll need to be comfortable being the focus of attention. It’ll make other cars want to stand silently in the corner, filled with so many standout features.

Cutting-Edge Exterior

The Veloster brings to the street all the exhilaration, confidence and flair you’d expect from a car far ahead of the style curve with its brash and dramatic design lines, asymmetrical door layout and bold colour palette.

High-Performance Delivering Pure Excitement

The high-output Veloster N sits atop the lineup in terms of efficiency. It’s a true “hot hatch” that gets the blood pumping. Hyundai equips it with a specially tuned engine to give the Veloster N a stronger punch. An optional Acceleration kit allows 275 horsepower to be squeezed out by the larger turbocharged engine of the Veloster N. This model certainly accelerates like a race car with a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds. You’ll also experience stability upgrades and a great deal of handling.

Combination Headlights For Leds

These provide superior night-time driving lighting, with integrated LED Daytime Running Lights to make you stand out even more when the sun is still up on the Turbo and Turbo Premium models.

Interior, Rally-Inspired

The unusual asymmetric cabin architecture of the Veloster features a high-tech, driver-focused design softened by extremely supportive, power-adjustable 8-way bucket seats with integrated heating and ventilation[H3], plus a leather[H2] racing steering wheel also with integrated heating[H3]. All surfaces have been fitted with quality soft-touch fabrics, decorated with quirky, motorsport-inspired accents.

Accents With Redline.

The dynamic feeling of motorsport and speed invoke dramatic slashes of vivid scarlet speeding across the cabin and console (available in the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants. Blue inserts in the Veloster variant).

Consider Your Concierge for Us

We’ve tried to make sure you find a fantastic experience on every point along the path to owning a Veloster. From flexible financing and customised insurance coverage to tech upgrades and long-term promises, anything you might need to get the most out of your vehicle right now and down the road, will be made available. If you are looking for Hyundai Veloster new car deals, you can contact The Car Buying Agency.

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