What You Ought to Know About Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Flowers have been an integral part of any funeral service, and scientists believe that funeral flowers date back as far as 62,000 years. Flowers are commonly used to offer condolences and express your sympathy. If people are unable to attend the funeral service, they will order flowers from St. Louis florist so they can feel like they are a part of the funeral service.

The Difference between Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Funeral flowers in St. Louis MO are selected by family members who are close to the deceased. They are responsible to choose the funeral flowers because they know the taste of the deceased and what types of flowers they would want to have included. These funeral arrangements are often larger displays that are big enough to be easily viewed throughout the chapel. They are shaped like a heart or cross, or can be beautifully designed in a basket.

Sympathy flowers from the St. Louis florist are sent either to the funeral home or the home of the family to express your sympathy and let the family know you are thinking of them. When sending sympathy flowers, timing is an important factor to consider. One must order sympathy flowers as soon as possible if he or she wants to include it in the service. Flowers sent to the home of the bereaved can be sent at any time.

Popular Sympathy Flowers

Here is a list of flowers that can be chosen for sympathy or funeral floral arrangements and their meanings.

– Carnations – Love

– Chrysanthemums– I Love You

– Hyacinth –You’re In My Prayers

– Hydrangea – Heartfelt Emotions

– Lilies – Majesty

– Orchid – I Will Always Love You

– Peace Lilies – Peace

– Roses –Respect, Courage

Different Types of Sympathy Floral Arrangements

– Bouquets: These are a group of flowers that are often displayed in a vase and are the most common types of sympathy floral arrangements.

– Casket Sprays: A casket spray is a large arrangement that is laid across the top of the casket and is selected by the immediate family of the deceased.

– Sprays: Large arrangements of seasonal flowers in a vase or basket, or sometimes they are shaped like a heart or cross. Sprays are usually ordered by family members or close friends, and they are placed near the casket or at the frontof the ceremony location.

– Wreaths: Wreaths represent eternal life and are circular floral arrangements that are placed near the casket alongside the deceased.

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