What Wine Goes Well With Pizza?

Most foodies will tell you that pizza and wine is a heavenly combination! Yes, it’s just like beer with fish, chips, peanut butter and jelly. Some things in life are just meant to be. There is no better way to wind down after a hectic day than with a glass of wine and a slice of pizza. People often overlook the sophistication of pairing pizza with a soothing glass of wine. When it is done right, a flavour sensation like no other can be created. There are different wine varieties that taste good with a slice of pizza. However, with a wide range of wine varieties, it can be little trickier.

Whether you prefer a midweek pizza delivery Glebe to your home or planned a weekend party to enjoy your favourite pizza and wine with your friends, these tips should help you pairing.

Wine with Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

For a classic, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with mozzarella, tomato, and simple toppings, any wine with good acidity and lots of bright fruit will balance the taste nicely against the acidity of the tomato. Pizza has a relaxed tone, and pairings can work best if you pick a wine that isn’t too hard.

Cheese Pizza

A red or rose wine will go well with a classic slice of cheese pizza with red sauce pairs well with wine. This is because the sauce is the focal point of the meal due to its intense flavour and acidity. When a slice of cheese pizza is paired with red or white wine, every bite will be heaven.

Pepperoni Pizza

Spicer toppings such as Pepperoni tend to dominate the pizza flavour and may handle the wine with a more attitude. Go with a Syrah or Syrah/Grenache blend to suit the intensity and flavours of pepperoni.

Sausage Pizza

When it comes to sausage, the best pizza in Glebe, many prefer red wine over other choices. Sausage and red wine are a brilliant combination due to its variety of spices, including anise, fennel, thyme, and oregano and intense flavours. The red wine can accentuate the spice palette of sausage pizza, making it a great wine to pair it with.

Margherita Pizza

With its dashes of aromatic flavours of fresh basil and lightly flavoured fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, a rose wine would be the right choice for Margherita Pizza. However, if you prefer red wine, ensure to choose light reds.

The next time when you opt for pizza delivery Glebe, ensure to pair the pizza with the right wine to enjoy your party or evening.

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