What Tools Are Used To Make Pizza?


Okay, you’ve got the ingredients to make the pizza, but, what are the tools of the trade, when it comes to making the top-notch pizza? The best part is, anyone with basic cooking skills can make pizza in no time, but the worst part is, you might not possess the essential tools that are required in your cooking kit. Well, have you ever wondered on – What tools do the experts at pizza catering Sydney use to make the best slices of pizza?

Here we have listed the best pizza tools, that is used by a pizza specialist at the mobile pizza catering Sydney from preparing the dough to slicing –

Pizza Dough – When it comes to preparing the dough, the experts specialised in mobile woodfired pizza Sydney, believe that you need the following tools –

– A digital scale to ascertain that you take the right quantity of the ingredients to prepare the dough. Sometimes, a bit too much of one ingredient can completely ruin the recipe and the consistency of the dough.

– Also, having a mixer is essential for blending the dough. Though you can make the blending process with hand, having a mixer will be a bonus.

– A thermometer to make sure the water temperature is right for the yeast.

– A rolling pin to roll the dough.

Sauce – After you have decided on the flavour of the sauce, you must get a spoodle, or a ladle with flat-bottom to spread the sauce the way you want. This is preferred because, when a spoodle is ladled, it will allocate the same amount of pizza sauce every time.

Oven – There are different types of oven to make the pizza, electric, gas and wood fired. Some experts suggest that electric oven takes a very less baking time, when compared to wood fired baking. However, the traditional wood-fired oven cannot be duplicated by the electric or gas ovens. The wood fired pizza ovens are healthy and are able to retain back the antioxidants present in the vegetables and fruits. The mobile woodfired pizza Sydney process cannot be duplicated and you will part of the production process, as you will have to watch it live and make the necessary firewood adjustments.

Pizza Cutters – Professional chefs are usually busy, so they don’t rely on normal knife to slice the pizza. They usually use pizza cutter to slice and dice the pizza in the perfect shape.

Now that you know the professional tools used in the pizza making process, it’s high time now to lit up the oven and prepare the delicious Italian cuisine. Do write to us on your pizza making experience

The author works as a chef, specialised in making mobile woodfired pizza Sydney. He is also an enthusiastic food blogger, who writes on various Italian cuisines, the best cooking tools and cooking tips in his blog. Visit https://www.pizzacateringsydney.com.au/ for more details

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