What to look for when buying an Audi Car Charger?

Audi, a member of the Volkswagen group, represents the pinnacle of German engineering, combining thrilling performance and refined luxury. Since its launch to the racing world in 1970, Audi has long been a perennial powerhouse. Audi began a new chapter in 2009 with the introduction of E-Tron. A number of electric hybrid vehicles and concept cars soon followed, leading to Audis’ first-ever fully electric vehicle E-Tron in 2019. Combining sophisticated styling and edge engineering, the E-Tron characterizes the careful design that Audi is known for, in a groundbreaking new package. More and more number of people are falling in love with these vehicles. If you have planned to own one too, we advise you have a home Audi electric car charger for your convenience.

Most hybrid and electric car owners choose to buy a charging station for their home, and that’s for some good reasons, fast charging and convenience. There are a number of factors to consider while purchasing an electric charger, including location, charging speed, size, capacity, installation power adjustment, and other important consideration like cost and usefulness. In this article, we will help you select your own Audi car charger.


While many homeowners have garages or carports, some may need to install their charging station outdoors. If latter is your case, when purchasing the Audi car charger, pay attention to its durability when exposed to external elements like water, wind, and sun. Look for a device that is outdoor-rated and select the one that is both weatherproof and fireproof. Moreover, make sure you hand over the installation to a certified electrician.

Power adjustment:

In older homes, some existing electric circuits should be updated to support powerful level 2 charges. You need the one that lets you set the power level of your device easily, right from the web dashboard or app so that it matches your homes electrical wiring capacity.

Ease of use:

Some electric vehicles have complicated apps and displays that make it difficult to view or control charging information. Then, there are others capable of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, enabling homeowners to control charging with simple voice commands and check charging status. Choose the charger that lets you easily schedule charging details, start a charging session, set the timer, adjust power ratings, etc.

Electricity cost:

When buying an electric vehicle, keep in mind that it requires a lot of electricity. Moreover, it can be expensive if you charge your car at peak times. However, with Audi EV charger that uses solar power, you can save a lot on your energy bills. Talk to experts about solar-powered electric charges.

Purchasing an electric car is the first step in contributing to a cleaner environment and exciting future of innovation. Newer model electric vehicles are being developed each year, and electric vehicle chargers are no different. You have made the right choice in choosing an electric car, and you must be sure to make a great choice in buying your Audi electric car charger as well. Contact professionals to guide you through all the necessary steps from purchase to installation of electric charges.

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